Friday, January 18, 2013

The Image of Trouble

Sometime ago, I had a really riveting conversation with a few friends, pertaining to how we have tried, and still are trying, to do away with the injustices that impinge on our existences, personally and socially. Injustices such as homophobia, women abuse, racism, xenophobia, and genocide, etc, that some of us literally cringe at, upon encountering.

I think I might even have written a post for the blog, in relation to the same topic- if not the exact one, wherein I try to make clear the fact that; we will never do away with any injustices or iniquities, because those faults or errors (as you may) stem, not from our perceptions of one another socially, nor our attitudes as patrons of a free world, but rather they are inherent- birthed from our own minds, and much how we form our preference where foods and other such items are concerned, we build tolerance and/or intolerance toward what we come to face in the world around us. And that, as a matter of fact, somehow relates to the ways by which condition ourselves, to accept or reject.

Obviously one must leave room, for people who are subjected to the preferences and propensities of others; who have laws, ideas, and ideologies enforced upon them. I cannot fend for every type of blinking agent, and my argument here is predominantly subjective.

As we mature, and start to formulate our own thoughts, dreams, desires, etc, we become privy also, to assimilating our feelings and sentiments toward issues, people, cultures, and religions etc, to which we've been exposed or overexposed. The degree doesn't matter, really. In most cases, people opt for thinking religiously and/or culturally, instead of individually, and through such mass-thinking, people diverge or converge. After some time, it becomes arduous to undo mass-mentality; that is, to alter the state of mind, of not one person, but a group of people...especially if they believe in and stand for, whatever we oppose.

What I'm getting at is that; I can be an activist in every sense of the word, dedicating myself to every forum, rally and candle-lit vigil, and I can shout at the top of my lungs, with millions of supporters behind me, but I cannot believe that even the magnitude of my activism and desires for social change, will alter the already tight-knit mindsets of the opposition. Don't err, by thinking that I am averring that, we should not stand up for worthy causes, and fight for what we think is right; just be cognizant of the fact that, social change or the undoing of injustice, cannot be achieved through public extravaganza, mass gatherings, and or social events targeted at the conveying of certain stigmas and/ or messages. For example, SlutWalk (in support of women's rights and a global campaign against the misconstrued image of women in society) has not caused rape statistics to dwindle, and nor has it made some masochist any less masochistic and narrow-minded. Similarly, with the Gay Pride events that take place each year. Again, I am not claiming that these are failed initiatives or unworthy causes; I am an ardent supporter of both events, and have even attended them. But I have never entered any such event, with the heart and mind that my sweat and chants would bring the dawn of a different generation of thinkers.

We cannot sometimes help for the way we've been conditioned. It's a harsh reality, but not every Tom, Dick, and Harry was born with resilient bones. It's life. Some have managed to detach themselves from thinking as they are told to, and have formulated their own modes of thinking, making them open-minded, and even if I say it myself, those are people who act of their own free will, and believe not because it must be believed, but because they BELIEVE IT, and are subsequently fortunate.

Homophobia and other such inhumane acts have existed for as long as sexuality has existed, and I've come to believe that, it's but just part of life and the order of it; in order for homosexuality to exist, homophobia must too exist. Almost how dark exists as an opposite of light. Can we help for these things?
Now, the point herein is simply that, we will never live a world void of hardship and iniquity, if we continue to invest all our time into the undoing of such hardship and iniquity, socially and outwardly. Instead, I believe that we should find a way to undo the way we feel inside, toward such happenings, and then come to terms with the reality. We must not let it affect who we are as people, and if we aren't bearing the brunt thereof, we should not make an enemy out of it. It can become silent to us, but continue to be real. It's up to us, and how much we believe in our own good, happiness, destiny and success. Of course if something affects you deeply you're going to become somewhat pejorative and offer you piece of mind, but bear in mind, more than your opinion and words, will only make you look barbaric. I'm saying, don't go out and smooch people of the same-sex, in public retaliation, and in order to claim space; you further appall, instead of change the mind of the person whose attention you're trying to get.

Be dignified in your activities, especially those to which you are most inclined to serve and protect, unfailingly until the end of time. Be wise about how you go about, making people redefine their conceptions of you, and understand that no matter who you are, where you are, and where you are from, just as you accept and reject, people are allowed to accept or reject you. It's a matter we simply need to deal with. It does not look good, running around with banners, seeking acceptance, if you aren't even (inwardly) willing to equally accept other people. We all have our ins and our outs, agreements and disagreements, but none will ever be able to prove that we are right.

We have set, reset, and altered the standards beyond our own conception- it's only right that we light to live in a world of divided ideologies and diverse people, without feeling left out or subjugated against. It's okay to be an armchair activist in a sense, and it's similarly okay to be ardent, podium-standing-and-cheering activist, but nothing makes one louder than the other; it's the way you receive whatever is being hurled at you, that determines the success of your campaigning. Go out there, be proud of who you are, without needing people to okay with that- you're the only who needs to be, anyway. Let it not matter. This too shall pass. You are human, and an inhabitant of the earth, and nothing was promised, reserved for, or taken from anyone, so there's nothing to claim, but your own space and your own world, that is. Just live a little.

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