Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Poem: Untitled

I watched myself become spangled

With the rays of the stones glistening

In the underworld of your heart

Everything fit me, for the first time

I heard the bells of Aphrodite yonder

I felt the echo of the slave freed from the cages of the colonial kings 

My eyes felt peace and showed veneration

I could look forward to love with rhythm and sceneries dipped in the early morning yolk of cerise pink. Amarula. And burnt cinder wood sunshine 

I could bow before the gods that felt the religion in the intricate columns of my toes

Without relying too much on what came out of my mouth

No war between north and south

I could find you. And that alone could make me smile.

Monday, Tuesday through everyday

There was no degradation nor suspension,

And parents quarreled far less than was typical of themselves

I couldn't hear the disagreements portend to dark days on the horizon

My mind imbibed whatever came through the gilded labyrinths of my soul

And if mistakes don't haunt me, I could swear only your hand could fit there

You were me, and i was you.

And that alone can make

Me dance

Without moving my body.

Because a world with you bby my side 

Is a world of extraordinary things and strange feelings.

©Raeezjacobs. Poetry. 2013.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Poem: Love In Rio

Love in Rio

I said love me

With all your guts, your screwdrivers, 

Your carburetors, and your difficulties

I said love me

Through your pang of insecurities

Your monstrosities, and your many conspiracy theories, 

love me like you love 

what was once the 60s

Set aside your guard for me

I said you're going 

to do nothing but love me

The way you love old movies, causing fights, getting head while driving, 

and the way you love 

doing the Samba in Rio 

on friday nights  

Set aside your indecisiveness 

Let me help you make up your mind

Let's run face first into the mystery of a holy night and

Let's end up surprised

©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013

Friday, December 20, 2013

Poem: Beautiful Mistake

I'm gonna embrace you

Even though you're wrong

I'm going to make the

Beautiful mistake 

Of colliding with your body

In the daytime

And in the middle of the night

I'm gonna let you

Take over me

Like a shadow of the alps

Over the earth below

As the sun sets behind it

I'm gonna let you

Change colours on me

And repaint me

Like i'm your muse

I'm gonna be at your disposal

In the name of youth

And for the sake of a thrill

I'm gonna be your teenage dream

Making you scream my name

With your fingers 

Walking through my head

Like a clan of warriors

Across grassy plains

I'm gonna give you a 

Reason to remember my name


©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

Poem: The Five faces of a Breakdown

You made a comment 
About where you stood
In this whole thing
And it was far away

Almost out of sight
Still there enough to
Make my mind do what
It does best
And go on to remember you

With trains of elipsis 
Along your prints on your
Wondering how i could return
In a storm of silence

Following the dots that
Were supposed to be those
Words impactful enough
To have either changed my life or 

Inspired me 
to better emotional revenue

In a world of moodless weather
And minuscule anxiety
'Stead of dragging me
Sadistically, from point A

To posting the segments of
Your dreams in which i 
Wasn't involved but haunted 
To depression by in my iris

blinded in so many ways
I might encounter another you
In my lifetime or find myself
Back at you again

Wanting to 
want to rehab myself
Off of you and the ugly
Things i do
In my personal space

Usually alone so unlike me
I lost myself i lost my soul

You took me away from being
Just myself enough
To have been wiser 

I failed
And you failed me

Without a word or 
Rather having your new life 
Remark, actually.

©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013


It helps to sometimes laugh at yourself, barely making it through a so-called 'horrible day', because that attitude might make all the difference. 

You can be charitable, no matter which bracket of society you fit into, because charity can be anything from a smile, to brutal honesty and consideration- not necessarily of monetary value.

There are those who expect, those who look forward to, and those who wait on; the ambitious of the three, are those who look forward to. 

There is almost always a reason for everything, and that is not an inconsistency of sorts, omitted for intentions of malice, because if you always needed a reason, how were you going to live up to your dreams without wantonly wanting to rationalize with their nature, and risking discouragement and despair, in the event of unfound reasons. 

Dreams will get you nowhere, if you don't know how to own up to them, in spite of what people think of your desires. 

It's meant for you, when you are piqued continually to invest in it, and approach it with deathless passion. 

Passion is the second-best state to be in, after lust and romance. 

You shouldn't be afraid of STDs so much, you should be afraid of the things you permit yourself to encounter, with hesitancy or wittiness. 

Sex is an integral part of life, once you've partaken in the debauchery, and it's the one activity, universally, that is common of most of us, so you'll never cease seeking sexual adventure, until age makes that privilege extremely remote and estranged. 

It's one thing to be cultural, but when you use culture to perpetuate subjugation, it becomes clear that your culture shouldn't be given any residency to assert itself on everyone else, and that it shouldn't repartee in awe, when it is contested and mishandled by those itbmeant to ensnare in its prejudiced wake. 

Poem: To The Words in My Head- Raeez Jacobs

I can't find the words
My world's gone weird
I thought you reappeared
And set my bed ablaze
With light followed
By sparks 
Made my heart ricochet 
After all the times i called
The nights i read your name in prayer
And gave up everything
So that i could have you
Or a little piece of you
You came like the war
I was never prepared for
Held me by a gasp
And took my breath away
Stunned and impassioned me 
My lips quivered to live in the shadow of the lips you pouted
In my world with the sun setting
In the scotch whiskey air
You gave me dreams 
And all i desired was the touch of your hand
And now i have you
And that i'm  yet to understand. 

©RaeezJacobs.Poetry. 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Poem: The Monsoon- Raeez Jacobs

Heartbeats in The Monsoon 

You came like a monsoon
Stalking the unsound contours
Of the January night
Flirting in the empty sky
Bustling with the souls of dead Mackerels

You haunted the moonlight
Eavesdropped on the stars' conglomerate 
Destroyed the agency of the heavens
And deeply carved into the belly of Roman's god

Mocked what was superior
As if being a nobody 
was the reason
You felt so well known and alone

Your inner eyes never opened
Your heart was mere biology
And your soul was a philosophy
That begged the question

Two things you haven't seen

So beautiful but don't know what those textures on you mean
Unprecedentedly relying on where you've been 

To explain your place in the scene
Instead of resisting the pressure
You took to obligingly exchanging a shot at tomorrow

For a moments happiness 
Hovering above the world
That had fashioned you into a boy
Whose mind was emancipated

Had a story or two to tell
But didn't try to hold on to the pages
As wind dislodged them from you
You sent your purpose flying

Riding a wind poised on a hurricane
Your eyes were screens
You watched yourself morph to mist

Losing your all and your more
Your clean locality and remixed accent
In the bag of languages you speak

In the wake of the monsoon
Brandishing your murky grenades of steam
In the gaps of the night

Because robust as you seemed
You showed none of that will and fortitude  
Your parents 
used to say came with you

©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013

Friday, November 8, 2013

Poem: Addiction- Raeez Jacobs

I'm so addicted to you
And I don't know why
I'm so stuck on you
The things you do

And the way you act
When you get shy and embarrassed 
Or when you say things
That make my world pause
And my muscles tighten in my skin

I'm addicted to what you mean
How you come between my consonants and my vowels
And reshape me to perfection

I'm addicted to the way you answer the night 
And converse with themorning 
Speaking wars from savage to abolished
You stop the demons in their tracks

And guard me from the things
That make my mind run amock in a mental frenzy
I'm addicted to the way you drive me crazy

Weakening my vogue and sending my soul off 
attached to the wings of the wind
Feeling akin with the atmosphere

I'm addicted to your touch and your history
To the way every moment with you
Is a lesson by which my heart
Is made to beat in the shade of your heart

I'm addicted to the way you
Insinuate omnipotence

That power by 
 i'm drawn 
Eternally to every 
you adorn.

©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013.

Poem: Written In The Stone- Raeez Jacobs

We greet each other 
In the middle of the night
In the morning and our

We recognize, acknowledge,
And embrace our passing
Then shake hands
Like two species joining
In some crazy mutation

We have no issues 
Everyday we fill each others churches
And i cry in your pews
Asking your god to give me your gaze

We greet and remember
By the start and ending of days
Our, May, June, and our September
When we christened each other

When you made me your one and only
I called you my lover
And you were also my half-brother
I still run to you for cover

And rinse my hair in your shadow
Dancing like a snake being propelled by the wind through ringlets of air

We come together
Like truth and redemption
And you set me free

So that you and I 
could be
For now and for eternity.

©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Poem: The Holiday

The Holiday

     By Raeez jacobs 

They danced all night
Threw up their voices 
To the attic of the stars 
And stuck their desires to
Paper that they threw at the moon
Whereon it attached and so 

All their pleasures shone down on them
They felt wanted and validated
Not turning on the henchmen who had defiled them
Only just wanting them to share in the way
Natute naturalized what they had housed inside before as expedients of evil and bitterness

Now it shone  
From the moon god climbed into when he needed to afford himself the fullness of his light
Leaving his blessings behind

Now seeping into their scribbled desires
Giving each one it's coveted experience and truth,its impact, and its ferocity

They danced all night
Willing to die in the moment
Restored in faith and their most coveted desires responded to and divinely declared

They danced without warning and precision
Disobeying the physics of choreography
They broke celebrating 
A freedom they had beern kept away from
Imagining a life away from life. 
©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

Some dramatic photography

Poem: The War of Words

The War of Words -  Raeez Jacobs

The words flew from everywhere
Adjectives from stray storm clouds
Rattled our tops as we made our way
Hurtling from the raging water canyons
Coming down like dragons cast out of heaven

Metaphors alluding to defilement
Came up whenever it could
And juxtapositions were made
Giving the enemy just the right amount of wind to cause great paroxysms 
In a place where such sentiments weren't  even imbibed yet

Where composition of closely-related summarywas narrated 
Not where descrption was experienced, profound, and institutionalized by deplorable jargon that always begged to differ

There where all the innuendos,
 the negative antecedents,
and the hypocrisy is housed

Chaos couldn't describe
The riots surging from our minds to our hearts
And back, continuously
Like warriors stampeding close to a target they had long been waiting to assault 

We hid wherever no words manged to fall
Usually crammed together
Trying to undetstand what characteristic common amongst us could appear so grotesque to them
Why all the hate?

We slurped on each other's tears
Fearing our extinction
Recalling old times when childhood would be perfect to not being able to feel what the heart didn'tknow yet
But the words sauntered through gaps and crevices
On the backs of ghost snakes
Whose venom would manipulate us

To give away  ourselves
In exchange for becoming,
Not even just like others,
But becoming them to their core

What for? 

©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Poem: Untitled-

Untitled-         Raeez Jacobs

I start speaking to myself

When the night gets born

In the ward of my mind

When the light dies in my aloe vera

I sing sweet songs 

To ease on in the dark

Thinking of how quickly

Yesterday slipped out the dawn

Thinking of my days 'til now

And feeling bleak about it

Marred by my choices 

Loving you like a child

I tell myself that I was brave

That I could mimic

Your heartbeat as it flowed

Off into a U-turn

Wherein i wound up trapped

The city's deceptive

No lights twinkling 

Over figures making shadows

No gleam in my windows

The night knows me best

And i get it worst

Hearing demons dance

By the parting of my feet

Losing touch with my lessons

Like a song extracted from its beat

The composition's now acapella 

And no matter how stellar

It leaves the heart wanting more

You're always by the door

Like a holiday

Transforming my worlds

Turning me inside out

Showing me things that take me away

Amusing me with the ways 

You're gonna make me famous one of these goddamn days

Coming out the cocoon

Of a damned cousin

Manifesting in a type of perversion

To change the lines of my reputation

You're gonna be there

When my life is read back to me

Standing beside our hedges of testimony

I didn't always believe it when you said

You're always going to be there

I lied when i told you

Yours was the only heart i dwelled in

My face they had seen

Now i think my eyes are green

Altered by vistas of obscurity

Putting out my hand into the dark

Feeling around for any signs of life

Searching for the rhythm 

In the nights' cerebrum

Singing sweet songs

And loving you like a child

Thinking of how quickly

Yesterday slipped out the dawn

My heart goes on wanting more

©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013

Poem: Vacations On The Moon

Vacations On The Moon- Raeez Jacobs

Remember the weather
How the rain wet the scenery
And drenched the grass
We had planned to spread ourselves across

Remember the rainbow
Emerging in all its show
Across the patch of sky 
The sun usually employed to depart from
That day no night came

Leaving us no way of making love
Enshrouded in the uncanny glare 
Of sunshine searing our skins
Way past midnight 

Remember we awoke to a dark night
Owl eyed and mystified 
The stars blink over our matutinal grogginess 
I let out a scream

You thought that you still roamed your dream
Feeling yourself to enlightenment

Remember how you held me
And how i squeezed you in the curl of my arm
You told me a story or two
Easing my agitation

And i sang you a song called
'vacations on the moon'
By which you deliquesced to 
Malt by my feet

Remember how my soul
Pulled you from liquid to bone
Reemerging in my arms

Remember all the things we learned

Observing anomalies
That for once
Had nothing to do with
You and i 

©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013

Poem: In Tomorrow

In Tomorrow- Raeez Jacobs

May you never again be restless
May you never feel out of place
Out of character and so thrust into oblivion

May you be always part of the communion
Sharing in the love and the opinion
Never shall you be deceived 

Or left to reconsider your choices
Always may you be content and able
As well as virile and willing

Approaching each day like its very sunrise
So prominent and dramatic 
Without a doubt in your mind 

That here comes the day you've been living all your life to find
Fearless and pregnant with the guts of hero

Making you want to know 
the contents of tomorrow.

 ©RaeezJacobs. 2013. Poetry. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gruelling Performances

Here's a rather odd looking picture of me, with the crew over at the Well Worn Theatre Co. I attended a workshop by Webber, which might I add, was one of the most riveting and physically challenging, as well as stimulating and informative workshops I had ever frequented. The WWTC runs regular classes/ workshops on Wednesdays, at the NSA Downstairs theatre (National School of Arts, BraamPark), which incorporates various mediums of physical theatre, to address social and diasporic issues.

If you would like to attend one of the classes, or find out more about the Well Worn Theatre Co. please visit them, by logging onto their Official Page

Saturday, June 1, 2013

...the way of life...

"You've never lived, until you've learned to give in to your inhibitions, and become that person you're always dreaming of, in your wildest of dreams. But it's not about becoming; it's about escaping the fear that surrounds being able 'to become'."
                                                                                                                                    -Raeez Jacobs


I thought I told you, 'I'm a lover, not a fighter.'

I ain't got all day to wait, but I got all day to make you see.

Keep those lenses at a distance, for I feel some intrusion.

#GoodReads Book Review: "While My Pretty one Sleeps"

Book: 'While My Pretty One Sleeps", Mary Higgins Clark

A book I had initially neglected to peruse with any real seriousness, reminiscent of my usual approach to literature in general, and subsequently regretted; finding myself rather appeased at a second glance, shall we call it...
In a previous Clark book, "Moonlight Becomes You", I had been rather enthralled by her robustly feminine approach to crime fiction; a gasp of fresh hair, having been accustomed to your Jonathan Kellerman, Dan Brown, and Sydney Sheldon, masochistic and sometimes one-sided stories. 

"While My Pretty one Sleeps", which I'm yet to complete, and have already made several predictions about the denouement for, is told unconventionally against the backdrop of a fashion-driven society- a coincidental aspect, that I did not expect to encounter, but eased in towards, naturally. 

I love that the story builds as a reality does, with less brutality and dramatized scenes of gore and unforgettable murders, with elongated investigations and investigators who lack a sense of humor, eat stale doughnuts, and drink oil-tinged coffee. It's real enough, to not only relate to the sentiments of the affected personalities, but real enough too, to take your time reading, as you would with someone you generally cared for. Beautiful and gripping.