Sunday, September 30, 2012

It made me laugh

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The collection

I've attached some photos, to show you guys, what I've been up to, and who I've been hangin' around lately. These pictures are fabulous (as always). enjoy!

Brumilda Van Rensburg (Actress) and I

My two gorgeous cousins, Fazlyn and Lameez, with me at a recent chill session

I've been wanting to...

This is not swag. We don't want that, when we've got, what you see here.

Lameez, Shaquille, Faatih and I

I love this photo, and I'm gonna have to hand, the gorgeous award , to Luca (aww)

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Here's a photo of me, from my TV exam and photo shoot, two weeks ago. I'm so sad the course is already over, and I'm already missing everyone so much. The house was full of talent, and the stakes are always high. I know that we will all succeed, by our own versions of success, in our worlds, and I trust that everyone has garnered, exquisite skill, assertiveness, and indefinitely, confidence.
Renico is an astounding photographer, as you can so clearly see. I am really grateful, and would love to work with him again, away from the agency, and for my own personal photos. I highly recommend him.

Photo by: Renico Van Rensburg

[Poem] Where the winds rape the shell

She wakes to the sound of nothing;
yet today, the world is her only song-
to which she- lone heart as a once-boat,
must travel beyond her path.

The Gods delude her, though even
she is excited by
their seasons, and how they force the tide
to reach a high, outside the window; where the winds rape the shell.

She speaks in one voice only; the tongue of the seas-
the mermaid upon the sand, like a goddess.
It is the feel of the town, and the breath of the
city through which her eyes
kiss the dawn.

-Raeez Jacobs
©Raeez Jacobs. 2012

[POEM] bangle Theory

-my decrepit state is an art form, and 
I will always allow myself colour; 
Bursts of laughter, toasts, 
Sex, and hope, in all that would come afterwards. 
I couldn't always cling to it, 
They say, the hands of a poet 
Is numbed, 
When the bangles of misery 
Begin wrapping themselves 
'Round the tattooed arms of youth. 
I still seek the truth, 
And lend myself to his jargon- 
Pretending to understand, 
Pretending to know; 
Keeping up the appearance, of someone 
Whose eyes, have a view of their head, 
While really, I know so little, 
That my bones crack whenever 
Knowledge jumps at me, 
From the pages of his biography. 
And secretly, I buck violently- 
Corner-to-corner, like a stone 
Underneath a floor, trembling by some vibration. 
And sometimes I even cry more than 
An appalled god, whose hair 
Was cut by his angels; whose followers 
Turned their heads, 
Whose heaven suddenly 
Became so earth, he had to stoop. 
I was a child of his parenthood, 
Taking baby steps, 
And tryin'a convince myself 
That, I will supersede 
The bangles of misery, 
By turning my tears into art.
                                                                  -Raeez Jacobs

© Raeez Jacobs. 2012. 


I know! I know!
It's been eons since the last time, I posted anything on here.
I always feel as if the spaces between blog posts, determine the longevity of the entire blog, however, this time, I feel as if this blog will actually survive. In the past, I would relent of the care, needed to maintain, and keep up with my blogs, because I was usually too elsewhere inundated, or it was simply a matter of "I'm so over this now."

When I set off, to create this blog, I had all the elements of my interest and passion in mind; it's an artistic, and creative blog, barren of any fixed theme, implying that, variety is key, where content and quality is concerned. I've said it before, and I'll aver again; I cannot tire from this blog, and neither will I slowly lose interest. It's a personal diary. It's my virtual soul and mind. I will continue to post here, so long as I am alive, and even though at times, the space between posts might be a little longer than usual, don't grow weary, because believe me, an update will occur.

August 7 was the last time, I posted anything on here. August 7, was also the date of, my first book launch. That night has changed my life, and since then, my world has altered (for the better). For once in my life, metamorphosis cycled, in my favour, and not against me, as antecedently. The change brought; new friendship, beginning, opportunities, stark as opportunity itself, and also novice, and realistic dreams.

The lines between fantasy and reality are no longer blurred, and I can make sense of, what had not so long ago, been utterly senseless. I think epiphany comes, when you make an effort, to change the contours of your milieu, and certainly, when you try not too hard, to cultivate change. None of us can read into the future, we're not psychics; we're mortal and able, and we are entitled to whatever we deserve. We can't alter destiny, but we can influence the way it impacts us. I don't know where I'll be next year at this time, and I take solace in not knowing, because knowing, would ultimately place me, in a position of some or the other authority over my life. Authority makes people act out in strange ways, and adopt selfish and self-centred modus operandi. My world is all about, where I am going, what is needed to get there, and the people in my life; it's not predominantly about me, and I feel compelled, to assert that, I am in a position of transcendence.

When I cancelled my enrollment from Wits, at mid-year, I admit that I was semi-petrified, because I was afraid that, perhaps my plans wouldn't go as smoothly, as I imagined. But I told myself, to withstand the pangs of uncertainty and negativity, and as I sat here; having just completed a drama course, with South African actress, Brumilda Van Rensburg, I can assure you wholeheartedly, that there exists not even one negative bone in  my body, and my fear has been converted to confidence. There's a lot I receded from before, purely because I harboured only, a tenth of the confidence, I harbor presently. My ego has been boosted, and I've learned that; life is not about waiting and expecting, it's about going and giving, whether the going gets tough or not.

I'm elated to be back again, and I hope that, henceforth, I am allowed more free time; in which I can blog, and share more with you. If BlackBerry had a blogger app available, perhaps my posts would appear more frequently, and on-the-go, as with my Twitter and Facebook feeds. How about a petition to bring that idea to life? Anyhow, as I have said, this blog is my child, and I will nurture it as much as I can. As for you, stay in good spirits, around positive and contributing people, believe in yourself and what you can do. Don't ever become despondent, even though it may seem as if what you want, just wont come to fruition; keep trying, and learn from your mistakes. Become aware of the world you inhabit; question yourself and your actions, and take note of the answers, and also the circumstances, and even the consequences. We can't remain fixated on our pasts, we can only use the past, as a means to our current ends, and by that I mean...if something hurt you yesterday, don't go back to it. Be wise, and support yourself, accept your reality, and respect yourself enough, to err, every now and then.

Love you