Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gruelling Performances

Here's a rather odd looking picture of me, with the crew over at the Well Worn Theatre Co. I attended a workshop by Webber, which might I add, was one of the most riveting and physically challenging, as well as stimulating and informative workshops I had ever frequented. The WWTC runs regular classes/ workshops on Wednesdays, at the NSA Downstairs theatre (National School of Arts, BraamPark), which incorporates various mediums of physical theatre, to address social and diasporic issues.

If you would like to attend one of the classes, or find out more about the Well Worn Theatre Co. please visit them, by logging onto their Official Page

Saturday, June 1, 2013

...the way of life...

"You've never lived, until you've learned to give in to your inhibitions, and become that person you're always dreaming of, in your wildest of dreams. But it's not about becoming; it's about escaping the fear that surrounds being able 'to become'."
                                                                                                                                    -Raeez Jacobs


I thought I told you, 'I'm a lover, not a fighter.'

I ain't got all day to wait, but I got all day to make you see.

Keep those lenses at a distance, for I feel some intrusion.

#GoodReads Book Review: "While My Pretty one Sleeps"

Book: 'While My Pretty One Sleeps", Mary Higgins Clark

A book I had initially neglected to peruse with any real seriousness, reminiscent of my usual approach to literature in general, and subsequently regretted; finding myself rather appeased at a second glance, shall we call it...
In a previous Clark book, "Moonlight Becomes You", I had been rather enthralled by her robustly feminine approach to crime fiction; a gasp of fresh hair, having been accustomed to your Jonathan Kellerman, Dan Brown, and Sydney Sheldon, masochistic and sometimes one-sided stories. 

"While My Pretty one Sleeps", which I'm yet to complete, and have already made several predictions about the denouement for, is told unconventionally against the backdrop of a fashion-driven society- a coincidental aspect, that I did not expect to encounter, but eased in towards, naturally. 

I love that the story builds as a reality does, with less brutality and dramatized scenes of gore and unforgettable murders, with elongated investigations and investigators who lack a sense of humor, eat stale doughnuts, and drink oil-tinged coffee. It's real enough, to not only relate to the sentiments of the affected personalities, but real enough too, to take your time reading, as you would with someone you generally cared for. Beautiful and gripping.