Thursday, October 31, 2013

Poem: Untitled-

Untitled-         Raeez Jacobs

I start speaking to myself

When the night gets born

In the ward of my mind

When the light dies in my aloe vera

I sing sweet songs 

To ease on in the dark

Thinking of how quickly

Yesterday slipped out the dawn

Thinking of my days 'til now

And feeling bleak about it

Marred by my choices 

Loving you like a child

I tell myself that I was brave

That I could mimic

Your heartbeat as it flowed

Off into a U-turn

Wherein i wound up trapped

The city's deceptive

No lights twinkling 

Over figures making shadows

No gleam in my windows

The night knows me best

And i get it worst

Hearing demons dance

By the parting of my feet

Losing touch with my lessons

Like a song extracted from its beat

The composition's now acapella 

And no matter how stellar

It leaves the heart wanting more

You're always by the door

Like a holiday

Transforming my worlds

Turning me inside out

Showing me things that take me away

Amusing me with the ways 

You're gonna make me famous one of these goddamn days

Coming out the cocoon

Of a damned cousin

Manifesting in a type of perversion

To change the lines of my reputation

You're gonna be there

When my life is read back to me

Standing beside our hedges of testimony

I didn't always believe it when you said

You're always going to be there

I lied when i told you

Yours was the only heart i dwelled in

My face they had seen

Now i think my eyes are green

Altered by vistas of obscurity

Putting out my hand into the dark

Feeling around for any signs of life

Searching for the rhythm 

In the nights' cerebrum

Singing sweet songs

And loving you like a child

Thinking of how quickly

Yesterday slipped out the dawn

My heart goes on wanting more

©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013

Poem: Vacations On The Moon

Vacations On The Moon- Raeez Jacobs

Remember the weather
How the rain wet the scenery
And drenched the grass
We had planned to spread ourselves across

Remember the rainbow
Emerging in all its show
Across the patch of sky 
The sun usually employed to depart from
That day no night came

Leaving us no way of making love
Enshrouded in the uncanny glare 
Of sunshine searing our skins
Way past midnight 

Remember we awoke to a dark night
Owl eyed and mystified 
The stars blink over our matutinal grogginess 
I let out a scream

You thought that you still roamed your dream
Feeling yourself to enlightenment

Remember how you held me
And how i squeezed you in the curl of my arm
You told me a story or two
Easing my agitation

And i sang you a song called
'vacations on the moon'
By which you deliquesced to 
Malt by my feet

Remember how my soul
Pulled you from liquid to bone
Reemerging in my arms

Remember all the things we learned

Observing anomalies
That for once
Had nothing to do with
You and i 

©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013

Poem: In Tomorrow

In Tomorrow- Raeez Jacobs

May you never again be restless
May you never feel out of place
Out of character and so thrust into oblivion

May you be always part of the communion
Sharing in the love and the opinion
Never shall you be deceived 

Or left to reconsider your choices
Always may you be content and able
As well as virile and willing

Approaching each day like its very sunrise
So prominent and dramatic 
Without a doubt in your mind 

That here comes the day you've been living all your life to find
Fearless and pregnant with the guts of hero

Making you want to know 
the contents of tomorrow.

 ©RaeezJacobs. 2013. Poetry.