Thursday, October 31, 2013

Poem: Vacations On The Moon

Vacations On The Moon- Raeez Jacobs

Remember the weather
How the rain wet the scenery
And drenched the grass
We had planned to spread ourselves across

Remember the rainbow
Emerging in all its show
Across the patch of sky 
The sun usually employed to depart from
That day no night came

Leaving us no way of making love
Enshrouded in the uncanny glare 
Of sunshine searing our skins
Way past midnight 

Remember we awoke to a dark night
Owl eyed and mystified 
The stars blink over our matutinal grogginess 
I let out a scream

You thought that you still roamed your dream
Feeling yourself to enlightenment

Remember how you held me
And how i squeezed you in the curl of my arm
You told me a story or two
Easing my agitation

And i sang you a song called
'vacations on the moon'
By which you deliquesced to 
Malt by my feet

Remember how my soul
Pulled you from liquid to bone
Reemerging in my arms

Remember all the things we learned

Observing anomalies
That for once
Had nothing to do with
You and i 

©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013

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