Monday, January 28, 2013


non penso nel
stesso mente di te
ti amo con
tutto il mio cuore
una farfalle si venga
nella finestra- mattina
senza il sole nel cielo
senza le tue mane
attraverso mio spirito
la lupa mori
io e tu
morino insieme

i dont think
in the same mind as you
i love you
with my heart
a butterfly comes
to my minds window- morning
without sun in the sky
without your hands
through my spirit
the wolf dies
you and i
die together

UPDATE: Open Auditions

UJ 2013 Arts & Culture Open Auditions: TODAY

To those of you headed for the 2013 open auditions call for various acts and performances, taking place at the Con Cowan Theatre (UJ) Bunting Rd, adjacent to the SABC, please note that the times are as follows:

10:00 - 11:00 REGISTRATION in Foyer
11:00- 15:00 AUDITIONS commence and work up from there

Remember, you need to PREPARE
1.) Any 2 min monologue - from TV, Film, Stage productions and even small musicals
2.) Extra 2 min- demonstrate any other related talent


Con Cowan Theatre
University of Johannesburg, JHB
Auckland Park, Bunting Rd Campus
(opp. KFC)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Weekend: In Pictures

CHILLED: How cool is this candid shot of LA glam famiglia?

This weekend was so cool, despite the fact that 
we mourned all of Saturday; laying my 90 year old, Great grandmother to rest. I love catholicism for some reason, and so I had quite the time, to marvel in the old architecture of the church, the semi-gothic, decrepit looking facades of angelic faces, growing out of slabs of 300 year old or so cement foundations. The hymns are real cool to sing too, and i already know so many of 'em, having at least been exposed, in some sense, to belief systems other than the one that had been forced down my throat, whilst still making sense of, why half of the people within my faith, could barely understood the holy book they were supposed to be using as their guides...There gon' be 
whole lotta direction-asking and traffic woes along the highways, entry ways, off-ramps,
and side-gates in heaven, when the shit eventually hits the man.
i literally just had to...
so anyway, all my wonderful famiglia were over, and as per the usual of the customary cool,
we indulged like cray cray. Drama follows us, so smiles weren't glued onto our faces, we're not superficial enough, to stomach one another, when we feel that something being done or said might infuriate us, or cause us to lose a few teeth...y'know what i mean?

THEMED: Delicacy

Ah HA what a great job done. Thank u BlackBerry for being kinda iPhone every now 'n then

American's jaded by imaginary Oscar on the  mantelpiece


-White American print T-shirt (Unknown)
-Blue and White striped summer shorts: Mr Price R129
-Tomy's (dark blue) R100
private sales. 

** If you would like to purchase yourself a pair of Tomy's, please click here
if it was a scent, it would smell like us though

Friday, January 25, 2013

POEM: Acidic Lovers

Whose mood are you in now
Who matters and who doesn’t

What can you have that entitles you
Or includes you,
 excludes you, or
Outright exempts you?

On behalf of which god or goddess
Do you act when under this spell?

I know of the things you sell
Merciless and a little insane
Who else will you ever tell?

Do you still cling to the memory?
Are you a perfect childhood,
On the verge of maturity and acting good?

Why is it still a mistake?
Do you give or do you take?

What makes you curl in like
A spider doused in acid?

Ghosts or racial segregation?
Indoctrination or manipulation?
The face of your brother’s is a beast
Upon which table do you feast?

are you still loving?
Could you be lovable, and could you love me?
Would you be supremacist, extremist,
Or racist when you touch me?

Could you fingers meet my skin
And show me what they always mean?

Can they dictate the tongue
Of skin-rushing anxiety and heat?

are you still amenable to attraction,
in other words

can you knock me off my feet?

 ©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013

Some of MY FAVOURITE music videos and songs

POEM: Memoirs Of a Freak

Head down between my broken
Legs. My knees shaking like
Shacks and soulless trees. Head so very
Buried. Afraid to look. 
My heart is in another place
my eyes are turned so inward
I'm watching my thoughts run 
Through my head. It's the craziest thing
I've ever seen. Thoughts look nothing like I thought they looked. I'm laughing
But it feels like I'm havin' a fit- I'm the tail of an enraged snake. I'm not scared when I'm like this. I just like the feeling. I don't tell anyone this story. People love laughing, but they love pulling their eyebrows up- pulling up their facial wings and taking off with better judgment. I can talk like a wound up slut. Like a buttered-up coconut, slowly making my way through some corporate spell. But I baby talk to whoever asks me anything about my mind. I execute myself a million times from anger. Death isn't so bad when you do it more than once. At least that's up to me. The surprise only happens once. Jesus knows I'm not going to wait for another life, just to live again. I bring about my survival. I'm only dead when there's nothing on TV. All the other times, my head is where my legs are shaking. Trying to understand what is it about that space between my legs, that freaks me out so much.

Idols returns for 9th Season

The immensely popular, ratings-dependent, singing competition, Idols returns to South African television in 2013, for its 9th season. Once again, hopefuls are expected to fill ultra-long queues, before strutting their vocal magic before judges, who have not yet been confirmed for the upcoming season. There was speculation earlier, that an alleged media personality would join this year's panel, but nothing has become of those talks. However, music honcho and the dubbed, 'Mr Mean' Randall Abrahams is slated to return this year, bringing a different opinion to the table- an opinion we are not accustomed to hearing him express. Does this mean he tones down or becomes more stern? Guess we'll have to wait see, how the drama unfolds, when Idols debuts on local channel, Mnet and DStv later this year.

Hopefuls are allowed to bring musical instruments into the venue, and must be over the age of 16 to enter. If applicants are under 18 however, they must be accompanied by someone who is. Identity documents must be available at registration, and participants are urged to arrive early for what might just turn out to be, the biggest season of South African Idols yet.

Audition dates & Venues:

Cape Town
Date: Saturday, 2 February 2013
Venue: Grand West Entertainment World

Date: Saturday, 16 February 2013
Venue: Soweto Theatre

Date: Saturday, 2 March 2013
Venue: Playhouse

Date: Saturday, 23 March 2013
Venue: Sandton Convention Centre

For further information, go to the MNET page and make sure also to stay in touch, by following the SA Idols twitter page, by simply clicking here

Cool T

AUDITION: UJ Con Cowan Theatre Productions 2013

Auditions will take place, on Monday January 28, 2013 at the Con Cowan theatre at the University of Johannesburg. Auditions are for the theatre's 2013 arts and culture program, which will see performers working across shows, exhibitions, and other related cultural events.
Auditionees are to prepare any 2 minute monologue, after live-application on audition day, in the foyer of the theatre. A 2 minute time frame will also be allowed, to demonstrate other artistic ability.
Times have been announced as, 11:00-15:00
and applicants are asked to come early, to avoid disappointment and other arising setbacks.
For more information, head on over to Artslink

or visit the UJ page

Listen: Paramore NEW SINGLE (NOW)

Here's Paramore's highly anticipated first single, Now from their new album, Paramore- slated for an early 2013 release. Not sure how I feel about the song yet- very unlike the conventional Paramore, but change is good, and so is experimentation with new sound. What do you think??

Poem: The Butterfly Effect

It's Friday. The air outside is thick, with heat
and a little unnecessary wind; the kind that
does no cooling, just blowing- nonsensical wind much?
i wrote this poem. it means something to me,
but it means the world to you. nobody's perfect,
but we can all read between the lines---

This poem is for  my friend, Chanelle


-The Butterfly Effect- 

You left your soul in my pocket
I can hear your heart beating ‘gainst my locket
And i can see your voice in my music
you are what makes my heart go weak

losing myself in
the multiplication
in the situation

of the butterfly

all the ghosts
and stories we
leaving good men
the heart is yours
to find

sixteen weeks of romantic exile
your head’s so stationed at the aisle
toasts to forever- commitment wherever
look for other wonder, never
taken in and held down slowly
making promise look so easy

lost in the multiplication
of the situation
-the butterfly effect-
Ghosts i resurrect
Good heart go blind

your Heart is yours

 ©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Get Out of my Head

I've been intending, to find myself in the process of putting together a little post, about the many misconceptions that people come to believe while they are in relationships- especially very serious ones. When you’re with someone, and the two of you have been together for what seemed like forever, it’s very likely that you had formed a bond with that person, and maybe just maybe, you began to revel in their presence. Subsequently, you begin to experience anxieties, about what this person’s absence would imply, should they ever take to disappearing, dying, or worse...leaving you. It feels empty when you even just do so much as try to envision the distance between yourself and the person you’re so besotted with, or fond of rather.

We experience similar anxieties when we are still infantile, and taken from the grip of our parents; people were wholly accustomed to be around, and whose presence we’re most comfortable in. By human condition- we are disposed to prefer being where we are most comfortable, and if it so happens that you are relationship is this zone, then you are obviously going to bare the brunt of a horrible breakup, should one occur.

But we don’t learn how to be ourselves, and we forget who we are, and where we come from when we give ourselves so entirely to relationships. We compromise on everything, and make decisions around other people’s preferences- in most cases, just to accommodate them and prevent any quarrels brewing in the romantic decanter. We lie, to keep things cool and we act apathetic towards things we are amenable to die for. All these characteristics are what influence how easily or painstakingly we will face heartbreak and separation. We need to deal with our own lives after it does happen though, instead of mourn something that has seriously, it’s not death, and you really don’t need to do the black attire thing, because it’s 2013, and you might just get called a Free Mason, instead of being looked at as a grieving girl whose heart had been ripped from her chest. Return to what your life had been before your relationship started, get back into doing the things you loved doing before, go out with friends and talk about anything other than how lame guys are. You know deep down that they’re not lame, and you’re sudden hate is just all part of the little ego game. It ended for both, not just you, and it’s not only horrible for you. It happens to most people, crazy enough to try something like commitment, when they’re not even ready to do so. Avoid telling yourself that the person has a hold on you too, because honestly, that makes no sense at all; no one has a hold on you but yourself. You’re indirectly telling yourself, that you’re marionette under the control of your boyfriend and girlfriend. Just accept that a chapter of your life, badly written has just ended, and that you’re now equipped with an editor and proofreader; ready to rectify what had made you weak and vulnerable last time around, so that you can be clear-headed, prepared, thoughtful, insightful, wise, and motivated by the right reasons for the next chapter you’re about to scribe.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Drix Philosophy

Poem: Misery Is a colour called Scarlet

we said i'm a two-dollar misery
we said i'm impatient and uneasy
tired, uninspired and unashamed
we said, i was to be blamed
named, claimed and then renamed 
we said i was the road less taken
the boy so commonly mistaken

bound to error, so ridiculously frantic
we said never did i ever get sick
or sick enough to be pitied
we said i dabbled in the art of greed

passionate about the eyes i feed
we said i shunned and spat out the seed

like a dice from my heavy hand
spinning out of luck into the sand
unrelated, discombobulated, unfortunate little misfortune

unlucky to start dreaming while the wheels turn

we said i didn't envy nobody
we said i bred outside my body
in the silver, spherical, magical gutter of my mind
like a bitch or child looking for something to find

amused, so curious, wide-eyed, and jittery
we said, i'm a two-dollar misery 

©Raeez Jacobs. Poetry. 2012. 

Mood Board

Coming Soon

Hi guys

Back when I first started blogging, I'd do these cool model features; usually of friends who were themselves models, or the already famous, chanel-wearing ones on FashionTV. I haven't done any in a real long time, so I've decided to start 2013 off, with some model features, right here on this new blog, so look out for it. It should be posted soon, but I can't say exactly, because I really am otherwise preoccupied lately, making it difficult for me to schedule enough time for blogging.
I won't give away anything about the feature, and of course there are no sneak peeks...what do you think this  is? Gossip Girl! Nuh, dude.. Ha ha

Anyway, do expect some ordinary posts soon, and keep coming back for more.

Love, Peace & Fucking

Ray x

Monday, January 21, 2013

Everybody comes to Hollywood, They wanna make it in the neighborhood

I am esurient, as I approach studies in acting, at the New York Film Academy. Amassing all the required documents, and filling out all the relevant forms are beginning to make, what had formerly been surreal, become so much more real than ever. There’s no adjective to describe my current state of mind; perplexed and tangled are both equally weak, and I feel like the english language doesn’t even contain the word I am scrambling to find.

I don’t want anything more or less, than this grandiose opportunity, because of the prospects it is likely to hurl my way; gaining an international qualification, networking and becoming friends with people from multifaceted backgrounds, learning the codes of a new culture & society, training in the performing arts environment- not just anywhere, but in the hub of entertainment and performing arts, at Universal Studios in Hollywood. Moreover, I am looking forward to the professional title I can add to my resume, after successful completion of the course, and the slew of unmatched skills and expertise to be garnered. I am not even thinking of what I am going to do upon returning, although I do have plans circulating, in the vortex of my unable-to-be-described mind.

Everything’s going really well, thus far, and I am still frabjously (A nonce word in Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky meaning "fabulous and joyous") hoping to get the Need Based Grant through the academy, so that I don’t have to stress too much about making applications with other institutions and organizations. Nonetheless, that does not imply that I am not making the necessary means, to secure funding, from any channel of funds. I am amenable to ardent hope; near-praying that I would be able to fulfil this lifelong dream.

It’s very important to me, that I accomplish this goal, because acting and living in the US, is more than just a simple matter of education + placement to me; it’s a personal desire, that I have been fantasizing about, since I know myself. I’m obviously realistic, and won’t be too overzealous about it, even though I have sworn to remain optimistic, irrespective of what may seem doubtful or unlikely.
I know it will all work out for the best, if I keep focused; reminding myself in a sense, of the purpose behind my aspirations, instead of drowning in the allure of living in a “fabulous” city, becoming an Oscar winning actor, and soon thereafter living in the Hollywood Hills. It’s tiny apartment, subway or yellow-taxi, and intensive training first, and then all else can follow.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

QUICK FLASHBACK: This disco don't make Me PANIC!

I remember how really obsessed I was with Panic! At the Disco, when they first released, I Write Sins, Not Tragedies. It's such an unconventional song, with eccentric lyrics. What a shame, the poor groom's bride is a...WHORE! Ha ha you have to love PATD, especially since these boys are super cute too! x enjoy!!

Miami, are you READY?

The highly anticipated Reality spin-off TV show, Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, is slated to break television ratings this Sunday across the United States, when it debuts on the E! network at 9/8c. Kim and Kourtney have made several city visits on their promotional tour, following the announcement of the show, and have blogged personally about their own excitement for the upcoming show.
Yesterday, the once sex-tape-making-beau-turned-fashion-icon, Kim Kardashian released several pictures, from the professional shoot for the Miami season on her blog, generating dozens of views, before finally revealing that the show would debut this Sunday. Fans in other countries will have to wait a little while longer, as usual, to have their viewing pleasures mingled by the sometimes kray kray Kardashian sisters.

The Miami season will see the drama unfold, as Kim and Kourtney go about setting up new base for their trademark boutique store, DASH, as well as document the entire process of merchandise shipping, and the unveiling of the store. Obviously, there are mild and hot dramas in between, but there are allegedly far more surprises, than we could ever imagine in store, and it is going to be different, to see baby Penelope instead of just Mason, making appearances on this season.

Royal Fashion Show

I am very excited, to be walking my first catwalk, at the Royal Fashion Show on Saturday, February 23 2013, at the MBE Club. It's a launching line, and I am most happy about being one of the first to experience this new clothing line, that has already been described as, 'so red carpet'. I have my first dress rehearsal in just over a week, before the big night, and everyone over at Sthatho RFS 2013 are really making me feel extra special about my debut. For those of you who would like to attend, the event is free, given that the brand is only nascent, and you can find more information pertaining to the event, by simply clicking on the following link. You can also find maps and any other related info on the very same link. x

Friday, January 18, 2013

They say I'm Crazy

Here's a really cool video, by one of the sexiest woman in Pop music, Ms. Britney Spears, in My Prerogative. This is arguably one of Britney's best videos; it's so sexy, colorful, magical, surprising, and packed with incredible, eye-popping scene. (Like the car crashing into the luxurious pool, during the intro.) Hawt, right? Hope you enjoy- get your Saturday vibe turned's your prerogative. 

#Britney Spears- My Prerogative

I do not own copyright to this video and no infringement is intended.
Copyright Zomba Recording 2004 (C)


The Image of Trouble

Sometime ago, I had a really riveting conversation with a few friends, pertaining to how we have tried, and still are trying, to do away with the injustices that impinge on our existences, personally and socially. Injustices such as homophobia, women abuse, racism, xenophobia, and genocide, etc, that some of us literally cringe at, upon encountering.

I think I might even have written a post for the blog, in relation to the same topic- if not the exact one, wherein I try to make clear the fact that; we will never do away with any injustices or iniquities, because those faults or errors (as you may) stem, not from our perceptions of one another socially, nor our attitudes as patrons of a free world, but rather they are inherent- birthed from our own minds, and much how we form our preference where foods and other such items are concerned, we build tolerance and/or intolerance toward what we come to face in the world around us. And that, as a matter of fact, somehow relates to the ways by which condition ourselves, to accept or reject.

Obviously one must leave room, for people who are subjected to the preferences and propensities of others; who have laws, ideas, and ideologies enforced upon them. I cannot fend for every type of blinking agent, and my argument here is predominantly subjective.

As we mature, and start to formulate our own thoughts, dreams, desires, etc, we become privy also, to assimilating our feelings and sentiments toward issues, people, cultures, and religions etc, to which we've been exposed or overexposed. The degree doesn't matter, really. In most cases, people opt for thinking religiously and/or culturally, instead of individually, and through such mass-thinking, people diverge or converge. After some time, it becomes arduous to undo mass-mentality; that is, to alter the state of mind, of not one person, but a group of people...especially if they believe in and stand for, whatever we oppose.

What I'm getting at is that; I can be an activist in every sense of the word, dedicating myself to every forum, rally and candle-lit vigil, and I can shout at the top of my lungs, with millions of supporters behind me, but I cannot believe that even the magnitude of my activism and desires for social change, will alter the already tight-knit mindsets of the opposition. Don't err, by thinking that I am averring that, we should not stand up for worthy causes, and fight for what we think is right; just be cognizant of the fact that, social change or the undoing of injustice, cannot be achieved through public extravaganza, mass gatherings, and or social events targeted at the conveying of certain stigmas and/ or messages. For example, SlutWalk (in support of women's rights and a global campaign against the misconstrued image of women in society) has not caused rape statistics to dwindle, and nor has it made some masochist any less masochistic and narrow-minded. Similarly, with the Gay Pride events that take place each year. Again, I am not claiming that these are failed initiatives or unworthy causes; I am an ardent supporter of both events, and have even attended them. But I have never entered any such event, with the heart and mind that my sweat and chants would bring the dawn of a different generation of thinkers.

We cannot sometimes help for the way we've been conditioned. It's a harsh reality, but not every Tom, Dick, and Harry was born with resilient bones. It's life. Some have managed to detach themselves from thinking as they are told to, and have formulated their own modes of thinking, making them open-minded, and even if I say it myself, those are people who act of their own free will, and believe not because it must be believed, but because they BELIEVE IT, and are subsequently fortunate.

Homophobia and other such inhumane acts have existed for as long as sexuality has existed, and I've come to believe that, it's but just part of life and the order of it; in order for homosexuality to exist, homophobia must too exist. Almost how dark exists as an opposite of light. Can we help for these things?
Now, the point herein is simply that, we will never live a world void of hardship and iniquity, if we continue to invest all our time into the undoing of such hardship and iniquity, socially and outwardly. Instead, I believe that we should find a way to undo the way we feel inside, toward such happenings, and then come to terms with the reality. We must not let it affect who we are as people, and if we aren't bearing the brunt thereof, we should not make an enemy out of it. It can become silent to us, but continue to be real. It's up to us, and how much we believe in our own good, happiness, destiny and success. Of course if something affects you deeply you're going to become somewhat pejorative and offer you piece of mind, but bear in mind, more than your opinion and words, will only make you look barbaric. I'm saying, don't go out and smooch people of the same-sex, in public retaliation, and in order to claim space; you further appall, instead of change the mind of the person whose attention you're trying to get.

Be dignified in your activities, especially those to which you are most inclined to serve and protect, unfailingly until the end of time. Be wise about how you go about, making people redefine their conceptions of you, and understand that no matter who you are, where you are, and where you are from, just as you accept and reject, people are allowed to accept or reject you. It's a matter we simply need to deal with. It does not look good, running around with banners, seeking acceptance, if you aren't even (inwardly) willing to equally accept other people. We all have our ins and our outs, agreements and disagreements, but none will ever be able to prove that we are right.

We have set, reset, and altered the standards beyond our own conception- it's only right that we light to live in a world of divided ideologies and diverse people, without feeling left out or subjugated against. It's okay to be an armchair activist in a sense, and it's similarly okay to be ardent, podium-standing-and-cheering activist, but nothing makes one louder than the other; it's the way you receive whatever is being hurled at you, that determines the success of your campaigning. Go out there, be proud of who you are, without needing people to okay with that- you're the only who needs to be, anyway. Let it not matter. This too shall pass. You are human, and an inhabitant of the earth, and nothing was promised, reserved for, or taken from anyone, so there's nothing to claim, but your own space and your own world, that is. Just live a little.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Repeat Offender

I cannot look
at your name in the face
and pretend there's no god
in the noun
or some divinity in the vowel
sounds as they escape from
between my quivering lips

I cannot wish it that
these waves or ripples
swathed across my heart
just be ironed out by the
steams of paradise
i need to look you in the eyes

i am so

restless as a prolonged winter
and prolonged as a never ending summer

I cannot look you in the eyes
and pretend not to feel your
name rising up through my larynx
otherwise i am abused by my own
inner hands

compelling myself to surrender
and the very last noun by which
i need be known

as my gaze
melts in your stride


repeat offender

© Raeez Jacobs. Poetry. 2013

Pictures of Last Night ended up online, I'm screwed (AH WELL)

I've frequented so many 21st birthday parties before, and I literally can't even hand-pick a few of the best ones I've been to so far; all have been magical in their own unique way, and have given me the opportunity to partake in themes, spontaneous moments of laughter, dance like I've never danced before, and think of the rather momentous effort by which 21st bashes are put together. It would be cool, if we had the heart and mind, to make such a grand fuss of every single birthday we reach. Because essentially, there's nothing more important about 21 than there is about being 15- age is age- and the importance I s'pose comes from the societal norms, codes, and value systems by which we've been socialized, to understand things the way we do today.

Nonetheless, before I run off on a tangent, about the sameness of every age, and the equal importance that should be given to all, let me get to the focal point of this point. I don't want to become distracted; losing words and ideas with my mouth agape, evidently surprised by short term memory loss, instead, I want to wish my wondrously talented and beautiful friend, Samantha Cerasoli, a very happy 21st birthday again.  I've wished Sam so many times today, it's ludicrous- earlier this morning, just before leaving, to return home, we did a great rendition of Happy Birthday to You, for Sam...with a BATHROOM CANDLE HAHAHA, because we literally could not find any other candles to help us perform the ceremonious happy birthday song.

The party, never mind the jovial antics of the morning-after, was a much anticipated, well organized, perfectly laid out, and greatly attended event that certainly had me buzzing inside. Everything from the music to the black tapestry concealing everything in the house (ultimately hiding all the furniture, and completely altering the appearance of the house) was of the finest selection. I was so impressed with everybody's attempts to pull off the Jersey Shore and Christina Aguilera- Dirty music video themes, because it's very rare, to see people actually come in the apparel they've been asked to wear. As is Jersey Shore and most certainly the Dirty music video, the party was very raunchy, heat-driven, lustful and injected with excitement-turned-heat. The greatest part indeed was the stripper pole Sam had hired; man, I was all over the ish, like a fly to a UV light- it was cray cray!! At some point during the night, I was showing a bunch of chicks, how to jump right to the top, grip their legs around it, and keep themselves up there for a while, before sliding down and making two turns on the way down. Unfortunately, as drunkery would have it, most couldn't even muster the strength to bring themselves, to do the initial jump; those who did jump however, came falling right back down. I walked away laughing and headed for some more drinks and another chance to socialize. I swear I met so many people last night.

Sam had a cool entrance, and though I didn't see it, I could hear everything from the nearby bathroom, I had just hurried to having just arrived. I changed into my shorts, vest, and gelled the shit out of my hair- thank you, Rhys for the gel, for without you, I'd have been wearing a hat all night.
Dirty was one of the songs sung by Sam herself, like the true professional she is, and man did she break so many legs! What a star! The next song, cultivated by a chanting of 'encore', was another sexy Christina song called, Vanity. Sam and I really like the song, and I'll add some of the lyrics, so you all can understand why it is we like the song so much. HA HA

                             Mirror, Mirror on the wall
                             who's the fliest bitch of 'em all
                             (never mind, I am)
and then:

                      Never mind screw him
                      I make myself so much wetter

HA HA Ain't it hilarious! Sam's face sparkles at that part like a thousand splendid suns, and makes good ol' Edward Cullen look like a wimp.
As per the usual there was kissing here, hikkies there, and various eye-brow raising romps happening all over the place; thank goodness Sam's gran had agreed, to spend the night at a bed and breakfast instead. I won't spill on personal and private details, for the dignity of all those in question, so I guess that'll be left to the length and breadth of your imagination.

Sam never envisaged herself, being able to bring together so many crazy cool people for a party, and she did it last night. Sam, your parties are off the hook doll-face.

Happy Birthday Ms. Cerasoli

And the nominees are...

The nominees for the 85th annual academy awards have been announced, on Thursday officially by this year’s host, Seth MacFarlane and the enchanting Emma Stone. The glitzy event scheduled for February 24, will honour the works and perfections of pivotal releases from 2012. Amongst the nominees are, Les Miserables, Skyfall and the most nominated of all, Lincoln; loosely based around the intriguing life of Abraham Lincoln. The show is also slated to pay tribute, to the tumultuous success of the James Bond franchise, and no doubt a win in every category would be the ultimate tribute, to a movie that has defined and simultaneously redefined the face of action movies, since its inception.
Expected to walk away with most of the Oscars however, is the critically acclaimed movie, Lincoln, which as aforementioned had received this year’s highest number of nominations, making it likely that Lincoln would leave with the night’s most wins. Furthermore, the movie, ‘Asad’- based on the struggles of downtrodden Somalians seeking salvage in Africa, is nominated in the category of Best Short Film, putting another South African at the tip of international stardom and recognition, irrespective of being a director from the Cape.
And the nominees are:
Best Motion Picture of the Year
Beasts of the Southern Wild
Django Unchained
Les Misérables
Life of Pi
Silver Linings Playbook
Zero Dark Thirty
Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
Bradley Cooper - Silver Linings Playbook
Daniel Day-Lewis - Lincoln
Hugh Jackman - Les Misérables
Joaquin Phoenix - The Master
Denzel Washington - Flight
Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
Jessica Chastain - Zero Dark Thirty
Jennifer Lawrence - Silver Linings Playbook
Emmanuelle Riva - Amour
Quvenzhané Wallis - Beasts of the Southern Wild
Naomi Watts - The Impossible
Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
Alan Arkin - Argo
Robert De Niro - Silver Linings Playbook
Philip Seymour Hoffman - The Master
Tommy Lee Jones - Lincoln
Christoph Waltz - Django Unchained
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Amy Adams - The Master
Sally Field - Lincoln
Anne Hathaway - Les Misérables
Helen Hunt - The Sessions
Jacki Weaver - Silver Linings Playbook
Best Achievement in Directing
Michael Haneke - Amour
Ang Lee - Life of Pi
David O. Russell - Silver Linings Playbook
Steven Spielberg - Lincoln
Benh Zeitlin - Beasts of the Southern Wild
Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen
Amour - Michael Haneke
Django Unchained - Quentin Tarantino
Flight - John Gatins
Moonrise Kingdom - Wes Anderson, Roman Coppola
Zero Dark Thirty - Mark Boal
Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published
Argo - Chris Terrio
Beasts of the Southern Wild - Lucy Alibar, Benh Zeitlin
Life of Pi - David Magee
Lincoln - Tony Kushner
Silver Linings Playbook - David O Russell
Best Animated Feature Film of the Year
The Pirates! Band of Misfits
Wreck-It Ralph
Best Foreign Language Film of the Year
Amour - Michael Haneke (Austria)
War Witch - Kim Nguyen (Canada)
No - Pablo Larraín (Chile)
A Royal Affair - Nikolaj Arcel (Denmark)
Kon-Tiki - Joachim Rønning, Espen Sandberg (Norway)
Best Achievement in Cinematography
Anna Karenina - Seamus McGarvey
Django Unchained - Robert Richardson
Life of Pi - Claudio Miranda
Lincoln - Janusz Kaminski
Skyfall - Roger Deakins
Best Achievement in Editing
Argo - William Goldenberg
Life of Pi - Tim Squyres
Lincoln - Michael Kahn
Silver Linings Playbook - Jay Cassidy, Crispin Struthers
Zero Dark Thirty - William Goldenberg, Dylan Tichenor
Best Achievement in Production Design
Anna Karenina - Sarah Greenwood, Katie Spencer
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Dan Hennah, Ra Vincent, Simon Bright
Les Misérables - Eve Stewart, Anna Lynch-Robinson
Life of Pi - David Gropman, Anna Pinnock
Lincoln - Rick Carter, Jim Erickson
Best Achievement in Costume Design
Anna Karenina - Jacqueline Durran
Les Misérables - Paco Delgado
Lincoln - Joanna Johnston
Mirror Mirror - Eiko Ishioka
Snow White and the Huntsman - Colleen Atwood
Best Achievement in Makeup
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Les Misérables
Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Score
Anna Karenina - Dario Marianelli
Argo - Alexandre Desplat
Life of Pi - Mychael Danna
Lincoln - John Williams
Skyfall - Thomas Newman
Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song
Chasing Ice - J Ralph ("Before My Time")
Les Misérables - Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Schönberg, Herbert Kretzmer ("Suddenly")
Life of Pi - Mychael Danna, Bombay Jayshree ("Pi's Lullaby")
Skyfall - Adele, Paul Epworth ("Skyfall")
Ted - Walter Murphy, Seth MacFarlane ("Everybody Needs a Best Friend")
Best Achievement in Sound Mixing
Les Misérables
Life of Pi
Best Achievement in Sound Editing
Django Unchained
Life of Pi
Zero Dark Thirty
Best Achievement in Visual Effects
The Avengers
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Life of Pi
Snow White and the Huntsman
Best Documentary, Features
5 Broken Cameras
The Gatekeepers
How to Survive a Plague
The Invisible War
Searching for Sugar Man
Best Documentary, Short Subjects
Kings Point
Mondays at Racine
Open Heart
Best Short Film, Animated
Adam and Dog - Minkyu Lee
Fresh Guacamole - PES
Head Over Heels - Timothy Reckart, Fodhla Cronin O'Reilly
Paperman - John Kahrs
The Simpsons: The Longest Daycare - David Silverman
Best Short Film, Live Action
Asad - Bryan Buckley, Mino Jarjoura
Buzkashi Boys - Sam French, Ariel Nasr
Curfew - Shawn Christensen
Death of a Shadow - Tom Van Avermaet, Ellen De Waele
Henry - Yan England

Friday, January 11, 2013

An Oscar for Asad?

Cape Town director, Rafiq Samsodien's latest award winning short film 'Asad', in collaboration with director, Bryan Buckley, has received an Oscar nomination in the category of Best Short Film, at this year's Oscars ceremony, to take place in Los Angeles reports The Callsheet.
The film which was also shot in The Cape, and features the lives of destitute Somalian refugees, and their day-to-day struggles, has nabbed several awards from at least 13 other festivals around the continent already and, seems to be drawing a lot of attention; detail and a poignant story, despite the length, seems to be this small feature's ingredient for success and possible reason for its Oscar nomination.

This film is expected to make a lasting impression on viewers, as well as stir a lot of emotion, in those capable of producing it. It's a godsend, to see South African directors, actors, and other creative persons, rising up against the tides of the most arduous industry in the world (arguably), because achieving even meager success, on this continent is not easy. One has to be astounded and equally proud, to witness the acknowledgement and recognition, of locally produced work, on a platform such as the Oscars.

Here's a trailer for viewing: