Thursday, January 24, 2013

Get Out of my Head

I've been intending, to find myself in the process of putting together a little post, about the many misconceptions that people come to believe while they are in relationships- especially very serious ones. When you’re with someone, and the two of you have been together for what seemed like forever, it’s very likely that you had formed a bond with that person, and maybe just maybe, you began to revel in their presence. Subsequently, you begin to experience anxieties, about what this person’s absence would imply, should they ever take to disappearing, dying, or worse...leaving you. It feels empty when you even just do so much as try to envision the distance between yourself and the person you’re so besotted with, or fond of rather.

We experience similar anxieties when we are still infantile, and taken from the grip of our parents; people were wholly accustomed to be around, and whose presence we’re most comfortable in. By human condition- we are disposed to prefer being where we are most comfortable, and if it so happens that you are relationship is this zone, then you are obviously going to bare the brunt of a horrible breakup, should one occur.

But we don’t learn how to be ourselves, and we forget who we are, and where we come from when we give ourselves so entirely to relationships. We compromise on everything, and make decisions around other people’s preferences- in most cases, just to accommodate them and prevent any quarrels brewing in the romantic decanter. We lie, to keep things cool and we act apathetic towards things we are amenable to die for. All these characteristics are what influence how easily or painstakingly we will face heartbreak and separation. We need to deal with our own lives after it does happen though, instead of mourn something that has seriously, it’s not death, and you really don’t need to do the black attire thing, because it’s 2013, and you might just get called a Free Mason, instead of being looked at as a grieving girl whose heart had been ripped from her chest. Return to what your life had been before your relationship started, get back into doing the things you loved doing before, go out with friends and talk about anything other than how lame guys are. You know deep down that they’re not lame, and you’re sudden hate is just all part of the little ego game. It ended for both, not just you, and it’s not only horrible for you. It happens to most people, crazy enough to try something like commitment, when they’re not even ready to do so. Avoid telling yourself that the person has a hold on you too, because honestly, that makes no sense at all; no one has a hold on you but yourself. You’re indirectly telling yourself, that you’re marionette under the control of your boyfriend and girlfriend. Just accept that a chapter of your life, badly written has just ended, and that you’re now equipped with an editor and proofreader; ready to rectify what had made you weak and vulnerable last time around, so that you can be clear-headed, prepared, thoughtful, insightful, wise, and motivated by the right reasons for the next chapter you’re about to scribe.

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