Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pictures of Last Night ended up online, I'm screwed (AH WELL)

I've frequented so many 21st birthday parties before, and I literally can't even hand-pick a few of the best ones I've been to so far; all have been magical in their own unique way, and have given me the opportunity to partake in themes, spontaneous moments of laughter, dance like I've never danced before, and think of the rather momentous effort by which 21st bashes are put together. It would be cool, if we had the heart and mind, to make such a grand fuss of every single birthday we reach. Because essentially, there's nothing more important about 21 than there is about being 15- age is age- and the importance I s'pose comes from the societal norms, codes, and value systems by which we've been socialized, to understand things the way we do today.

Nonetheless, before I run off on a tangent, about the sameness of every age, and the equal importance that should be given to all, let me get to the focal point of this point. I don't want to become distracted; losing words and ideas with my mouth agape, evidently surprised by short term memory loss, instead, I want to wish my wondrously talented and beautiful friend, Samantha Cerasoli, a very happy 21st birthday again.  I've wished Sam so many times today, it's ludicrous- earlier this morning, just before leaving, to return home, we did a great rendition of Happy Birthday to You, for Sam...with a BATHROOM CANDLE HAHAHA, because we literally could not find any other candles to help us perform the ceremonious happy birthday song.

The party, never mind the jovial antics of the morning-after, was a much anticipated, well organized, perfectly laid out, and greatly attended event that certainly had me buzzing inside. Everything from the music to the black tapestry concealing everything in the house (ultimately hiding all the furniture, and completely altering the appearance of the house) was of the finest selection. I was so impressed with everybody's attempts to pull off the Jersey Shore and Christina Aguilera- Dirty music video themes, because it's very rare, to see people actually come in the apparel they've been asked to wear. As is Jersey Shore and most certainly the Dirty music video, the party was very raunchy, heat-driven, lustful and injected with excitement-turned-heat. The greatest part indeed was the stripper pole Sam had hired; man, I was all over the ish, like a fly to a UV light- it was cray cray!! At some point during the night, I was showing a bunch of chicks, how to jump right to the top, grip their legs around it, and keep themselves up there for a while, before sliding down and making two turns on the way down. Unfortunately, as drunkery would have it, most couldn't even muster the strength to bring themselves, to do the initial jump; those who did jump however, came falling right back down. I walked away laughing and headed for some more drinks and another chance to socialize. I swear I met so many people last night.

Sam had a cool entrance, and though I didn't see it, I could hear everything from the nearby bathroom, I had just hurried to having just arrived. I changed into my shorts, vest, and gelled the shit out of my hair- thank you, Rhys for the gel, for without you, I'd have been wearing a hat all night.
Dirty was one of the songs sung by Sam herself, like the true professional she is, and man did she break so many legs! What a star! The next song, cultivated by a chanting of 'encore', was another sexy Christina song called, Vanity. Sam and I really like the song, and I'll add some of the lyrics, so you all can understand why it is we like the song so much. HA HA

                             Mirror, Mirror on the wall
                             who's the fliest bitch of 'em all
                             (never mind, I am)
and then:

                      Never mind screw him
                      I make myself so much wetter

HA HA Ain't it hilarious! Sam's face sparkles at that part like a thousand splendid suns, and makes good ol' Edward Cullen look like a wimp.
As per the usual there was kissing here, hikkies there, and various eye-brow raising romps happening all over the place; thank goodness Sam's gran had agreed, to spend the night at a bed and breakfast instead. I won't spill on personal and private details, for the dignity of all those in question, so I guess that'll be left to the length and breadth of your imagination.

Sam never envisaged herself, being able to bring together so many crazy cool people for a party, and she did it last night. Sam, your parties are off the hook doll-face.

Happy Birthday Ms. Cerasoli

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