Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Poem: Misery Is a colour called Scarlet

we said i'm a two-dollar misery
we said i'm impatient and uneasy
tired, uninspired and unashamed
we said, i was to be blamed
named, claimed and then renamed 
we said i was the road less taken
the boy so commonly mistaken

bound to error, so ridiculously frantic
we said never did i ever get sick
or sick enough to be pitied
we said i dabbled in the art of greed

passionate about the eyes i feed
we said i shunned and spat out the seed

like a dice from my heavy hand
spinning out of luck into the sand
unrelated, discombobulated, unfortunate little misfortune

unlucky to start dreaming while the wheels turn

we said i didn't envy nobody
we said i bred outside my body
in the silver, spherical, magical gutter of my mind
like a bitch or child looking for something to find

amused, so curious, wide-eyed, and jittery
we said, i'm a two-dollar misery 

©Raeez Jacobs. Poetry. 2012. 

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