Friday, January 11, 2013

An Oscar for Asad?

Cape Town director, Rafiq Samsodien's latest award winning short film 'Asad', in collaboration with director, Bryan Buckley, has received an Oscar nomination in the category of Best Short Film, at this year's Oscars ceremony, to take place in Los Angeles reports The Callsheet.
The film which was also shot in The Cape, and features the lives of destitute Somalian refugees, and their day-to-day struggles, has nabbed several awards from at least 13 other festivals around the continent already and, seems to be drawing a lot of attention; detail and a poignant story, despite the length, seems to be this small feature's ingredient for success and possible reason for its Oscar nomination.

This film is expected to make a lasting impression on viewers, as well as stir a lot of emotion, in those capable of producing it. It's a godsend, to see South African directors, actors, and other creative persons, rising up against the tides of the most arduous industry in the world (arguably), because achieving even meager success, on this continent is not easy. One has to be astounded and equally proud, to witness the acknowledgement and recognition, of locally produced work, on a platform such as the Oscars.

Here's a trailer for viewing:

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