Friday, January 25, 2013

Poem: The Butterfly Effect

It's Friday. The air outside is thick, with heat
and a little unnecessary wind; the kind that
does no cooling, just blowing- nonsensical wind much?
i wrote this poem. it means something to me,
but it means the world to you. nobody's perfect,
but we can all read between the lines---

This poem is for  my friend, Chanelle


-The Butterfly Effect- 

You left your soul in my pocket
I can hear your heart beating ‘gainst my locket
And i can see your voice in my music
you are what makes my heart go weak

losing myself in
the multiplication
in the situation

of the butterfly

all the ghosts
and stories we
leaving good men
the heart is yours
to find

sixteen weeks of romantic exile
your head’s so stationed at the aisle
toasts to forever- commitment wherever
look for other wonder, never
taken in and held down slowly
making promise look so easy

lost in the multiplication
of the situation
-the butterfly effect-
Ghosts i resurrect
Good heart go blind

your Heart is yours

 ©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013. 

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