Friday, January 25, 2013

POEM: Memoirs Of a Freak

Head down between my broken
Legs. My knees shaking like
Shacks and soulless trees. Head so very
Buried. Afraid to look. 
My heart is in another place
my eyes are turned so inward
I'm watching my thoughts run 
Through my head. It's the craziest thing
I've ever seen. Thoughts look nothing like I thought they looked. I'm laughing
But it feels like I'm havin' a fit- I'm the tail of an enraged snake. I'm not scared when I'm like this. I just like the feeling. I don't tell anyone this story. People love laughing, but they love pulling their eyebrows up- pulling up their facial wings and taking off with better judgment. I can talk like a wound up slut. Like a buttered-up coconut, slowly making my way through some corporate spell. But I baby talk to whoever asks me anything about my mind. I execute myself a million times from anger. Death isn't so bad when you do it more than once. At least that's up to me. The surprise only happens once. Jesus knows I'm not going to wait for another life, just to live again. I bring about my survival. I'm only dead when there's nothing on TV. All the other times, my head is where my legs are shaking. Trying to understand what is it about that space between my legs, that freaks me out so much.

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