Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Weekend: In Pictures

CHILLED: How cool is this candid shot of LA glam famiglia?

This weekend was so cool, despite the fact that 
we mourned all of Saturday; laying my 90 year old, Great grandmother to rest. I love catholicism for some reason, and so I had quite the time, to marvel in the old architecture of the church, the semi-gothic, decrepit looking facades of angelic faces, growing out of slabs of 300 year old or so cement foundations. The hymns are real cool to sing too, and i already know so many of 'em, having at least been exposed, in some sense, to belief systems other than the one that had been forced down my throat, whilst still making sense of, why half of the people within my faith, could barely understood the holy book they were supposed to be using as their guides...There gon' be 
whole lotta direction-asking and traffic woes along the highways, entry ways, off-ramps,
and side-gates in heaven, when the shit eventually hits the man.
i literally just had to...
so anyway, all my wonderful famiglia were over, and as per the usual of the customary cool,
we indulged like cray cray. Drama follows us, so smiles weren't glued onto our faces, we're not superficial enough, to stomach one another, when we feel that something being done or said might infuriate us, or cause us to lose a few teeth...y'know what i mean?

THEMED: Delicacy

Ah HA what a great job done. Thank u BlackBerry for being kinda iPhone every now 'n then

American's jaded by imaginary Oscar on the  mantelpiece


-White American print T-shirt (Unknown)
-Blue and White striped summer shorts: Mr Price R129
-Tomy's (dark blue) R100
private sales. 

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if it was a scent, it would smell like us though

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