Friday, January 25, 2013

POEM: Acidic Lovers

Whose mood are you in now
Who matters and who doesn’t

What can you have that entitles you
Or includes you,
 excludes you, or
Outright exempts you?

On behalf of which god or goddess
Do you act when under this spell?

I know of the things you sell
Merciless and a little insane
Who else will you ever tell?

Do you still cling to the memory?
Are you a perfect childhood,
On the verge of maturity and acting good?

Why is it still a mistake?
Do you give or do you take?

What makes you curl in like
A spider doused in acid?

Ghosts or racial segregation?
Indoctrination or manipulation?
The face of your brother’s is a beast
Upon which table do you feast?

are you still loving?
Could you be lovable, and could you love me?
Would you be supremacist, extremist,
Or racist when you touch me?

Could you fingers meet my skin
And show me what they always mean?

Can they dictate the tongue
Of skin-rushing anxiety and heat?

are you still amenable to attraction,
in other words

can you knock me off my feet?

 ©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013

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