Monday, January 21, 2013

Everybody comes to Hollywood, They wanna make it in the neighborhood

I am esurient, as I approach studies in acting, at the New York Film Academy. Amassing all the required documents, and filling out all the relevant forms are beginning to make, what had formerly been surreal, become so much more real than ever. There’s no adjective to describe my current state of mind; perplexed and tangled are both equally weak, and I feel like the english language doesn’t even contain the word I am scrambling to find.

I don’t want anything more or less, than this grandiose opportunity, because of the prospects it is likely to hurl my way; gaining an international qualification, networking and becoming friends with people from multifaceted backgrounds, learning the codes of a new culture & society, training in the performing arts environment- not just anywhere, but in the hub of entertainment and performing arts, at Universal Studios in Hollywood. Moreover, I am looking forward to the professional title I can add to my resume, after successful completion of the course, and the slew of unmatched skills and expertise to be garnered. I am not even thinking of what I am going to do upon returning, although I do have plans circulating, in the vortex of my unable-to-be-described mind.

Everything’s going really well, thus far, and I am still frabjously (A nonce word in Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky meaning "fabulous and joyous") hoping to get the Need Based Grant through the academy, so that I don’t have to stress too much about making applications with other institutions and organizations. Nonetheless, that does not imply that I am not making the necessary means, to secure funding, from any channel of funds. I am amenable to ardent hope; near-praying that I would be able to fulfil this lifelong dream.

It’s very important to me, that I accomplish this goal, because acting and living in the US, is more than just a simple matter of education + placement to me; it’s a personal desire, that I have been fantasizing about, since I know myself. I’m obviously realistic, and won’t be too overzealous about it, even though I have sworn to remain optimistic, irrespective of what may seem doubtful or unlikely.
I know it will all work out for the best, if I keep focused; reminding myself in a sense, of the purpose behind my aspirations, instead of drowning in the allure of living in a “fabulous” city, becoming an Oscar winning actor, and soon thereafter living in the Hollywood Hills. It’s tiny apartment, subway or yellow-taxi, and intensive training first, and then all else can follow.

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