Sunday, November 10, 2013

Poem: The Monsoon- Raeez Jacobs

Heartbeats in The Monsoon 

You came like a monsoon
Stalking the unsound contours
Of the January night
Flirting in the empty sky
Bustling with the souls of dead Mackerels

You haunted the moonlight
Eavesdropped on the stars' conglomerate 
Destroyed the agency of the heavens
And deeply carved into the belly of Roman's god

Mocked what was superior
As if being a nobody 
was the reason
You felt so well known and alone

Your inner eyes never opened
Your heart was mere biology
And your soul was a philosophy
That begged the question

Two things you haven't seen

So beautiful but don't know what those textures on you mean
Unprecedentedly relying on where you've been 

To explain your place in the scene
Instead of resisting the pressure
You took to obligingly exchanging a shot at tomorrow

For a moments happiness 
Hovering above the world
That had fashioned you into a boy
Whose mind was emancipated

Had a story or two to tell
But didn't try to hold on to the pages
As wind dislodged them from you
You sent your purpose flying

Riding a wind poised on a hurricane
Your eyes were screens
You watched yourself morph to mist

Losing your all and your more
Your clean locality and remixed accent
In the bag of languages you speak

In the wake of the monsoon
Brandishing your murky grenades of steam
In the gaps of the night

Because robust as you seemed
You showed none of that will and fortitude  
Your parents 
used to say came with you

©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013

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