Monday, November 18, 2013

Poem: The Five faces of a Breakdown

You made a comment 
About where you stood
In this whole thing
And it was far away

Almost out of sight
Still there enough to
Make my mind do what
It does best
And go on to remember you

With trains of elipsis 
Along your prints on your
Wondering how i could return
In a storm of silence

Following the dots that
Were supposed to be those
Words impactful enough
To have either changed my life or 

Inspired me 
to better emotional revenue

In a world of moodless weather
And minuscule anxiety
'Stead of dragging me
Sadistically, from point A

To posting the segments of
Your dreams in which i 
Wasn't involved but haunted 
To depression by in my iris

blinded in so many ways
I might encounter another you
In my lifetime or find myself
Back at you again

Wanting to 
want to rehab myself
Off of you and the ugly
Things i do
In my personal space

Usually alone so unlike me
I lost myself i lost my soul

You took me away from being
Just myself enough
To have been wiser 

I failed
And you failed me

Without a word or 
Rather having your new life 
Remark, actually.

©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013. 

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