Sunday, November 3, 2013

Poem: The Holiday

The Holiday

     By Raeez jacobs 

They danced all night
Threw up their voices 
To the attic of the stars 
And stuck their desires to
Paper that they threw at the moon
Whereon it attached and so 

All their pleasures shone down on them
They felt wanted and validated
Not turning on the henchmen who had defiled them
Only just wanting them to share in the way
Natute naturalized what they had housed inside before as expedients of evil and bitterness

Now it shone  
From the moon god climbed into when he needed to afford himself the fullness of his light
Leaving his blessings behind

Now seeping into their scribbled desires
Giving each one it's coveted experience and truth,its impact, and its ferocity

They danced all night
Willing to die in the moment
Restored in faith and their most coveted desires responded to and divinely declared

They danced without warning and precision
Disobeying the physics of choreography
They broke celebrating 
A freedom they had beern kept away from
Imagining a life away from life. 
©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013

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