Friday, November 1, 2013

Poem: The War of Words

The War of Words -  Raeez Jacobs

The words flew from everywhere
Adjectives from stray storm clouds
Rattled our tops as we made our way
Hurtling from the raging water canyons
Coming down like dragons cast out of heaven

Metaphors alluding to defilement
Came up whenever it could
And juxtapositions were made
Giving the enemy just the right amount of wind to cause great paroxysms 
In a place where such sentiments weren't  even imbibed yet

Where composition of closely-related summarywas narrated 
Not where descrption was experienced, profound, and institutionalized by deplorable jargon that always begged to differ

There where all the innuendos,
 the negative antecedents,
and the hypocrisy is housed

Chaos couldn't describe
The riots surging from our minds to our hearts
And back, continuously
Like warriors stampeding close to a target they had long been waiting to assault 

We hid wherever no words manged to fall
Usually crammed together
Trying to undetstand what characteristic common amongst us could appear so grotesque to them
Why all the hate?

We slurped on each other's tears
Fearing our extinction
Recalling old times when childhood would be perfect to not being able to feel what the heart didn'tknow yet
But the words sauntered through gaps and crevices
On the backs of ghost snakes
Whose venom would manipulate us

To give away  ourselves
In exchange for becoming,
Not even just like others,
But becoming them to their core

What for? 

©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2013

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