Sunday, November 17, 2013


It helps to sometimes laugh at yourself, barely making it through a so-called 'horrible day', because that attitude might make all the difference. 

You can be charitable, no matter which bracket of society you fit into, because charity can be anything from a smile, to brutal honesty and consideration- not necessarily of monetary value.

There are those who expect, those who look forward to, and those who wait on; the ambitious of the three, are those who look forward to. 

There is almost always a reason for everything, and that is not an inconsistency of sorts, omitted for intentions of malice, because if you always needed a reason, how were you going to live up to your dreams without wantonly wanting to rationalize with their nature, and risking discouragement and despair, in the event of unfound reasons. 

Dreams will get you nowhere, if you don't know how to own up to them, in spite of what people think of your desires. 

It's meant for you, when you are piqued continually to invest in it, and approach it with deathless passion. 

Passion is the second-best state to be in, after lust and romance. 

You shouldn't be afraid of STDs so much, you should be afraid of the things you permit yourself to encounter, with hesitancy or wittiness. 

Sex is an integral part of life, once you've partaken in the debauchery, and it's the one activity, universally, that is common of most of us, so you'll never cease seeking sexual adventure, until age makes that privilege extremely remote and estranged. 

It's one thing to be cultural, but when you use culture to perpetuate subjugation, it becomes clear that your culture shouldn't be given any residency to assert itself on everyone else, and that it shouldn't repartee in awe, when it is contested and mishandled by those itbmeant to ensnare in its prejudiced wake. 

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