Sunday, November 17, 2013

Poem: To The Words in My Head- Raeez Jacobs

I can't find the words
My world's gone weird
I thought you reappeared
And set my bed ablaze
With light followed
By sparks 
Made my heart ricochet 
After all the times i called
The nights i read your name in prayer
And gave up everything
So that i could have you
Or a little piece of you
You came like the war
I was never prepared for
Held me by a gasp
And took my breath away
Stunned and impassioned me 
My lips quivered to live in the shadow of the lips you pouted
In my world with the sun setting
In the scotch whiskey air
You gave me dreams 
And all i desired was the touch of your hand
And now i have you
And that i'm  yet to understand. 

©RaeezJacobs.Poetry. 2013

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