Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Poem: Untitled

I watched myself become spangled

With the rays of the stones glistening

In the underworld of your heart

Everything fit me, for the first time

I heard the bells of Aphrodite yonder

I felt the echo of the slave freed from the cages of the colonial kings 

My eyes felt peace and showed veneration

I could look forward to love with rhythm and sceneries dipped in the early morning yolk of cerise pink. Amarula. And burnt cinder wood sunshine 

I could bow before the gods that felt the religion in the intricate columns of my toes

Without relying too much on what came out of my mouth

No war between north and south

I could find you. And that alone could make me smile.

Monday, Tuesday through everyday

There was no degradation nor suspension,

And parents quarreled far less than was typical of themselves

I couldn't hear the disagreements portend to dark days on the horizon

My mind imbibed whatever came through the gilded labyrinths of my soul

And if mistakes don't haunt me, I could swear only your hand could fit there

You were me, and i was you.

And that alone can make

Me dance

Without moving my body.

Because a world with you bby my side 

Is a world of extraordinary things and strange feelings.

©Raeezjacobs. Poetry. 2013.

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