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Take your gender, and go!

I just came across this really cool picture, on this feminism site and man do I dig it!
I definitely agree with the fact that, as a modern world, we have not really allowed ourselves to adequately adapt to various social, technological and other changes. This is evident within most cultures around the world, predominant religious groups, and society as a whole. There's no space in which someone could really, affirmatively celebrate their pride, and live the hedonistic lives they so desire. But that's beside the point; the point here is this; despite every move towards liberation, and the break-away from oppression, and injustice, people, because they live in such comfortable zones (their own lives), they are entitled to their own opinions, and so a creed highlighting equality means nothing to someone who doesn't choose to live that kind of life, or someone who has chosen to remain with their beliefs, and thoughts, no matter how primitive.

Every point insinuated here is coming from a completely non-universal sense; the points are completely subjective, meaning that they're my own beliefs, and thoughts. I affirm that I have no intention of forcing my beliefs down other people's throats, and in no way do I believe that I am right, although to some extent, because my points are subjective, and formed from my own beliefs, there is a level of truth, at least to me.
The problem arises when this truth is universalized, and forced into the codes, languages, cultures, societies, and the minds of individuals who entertain different thoughts.

While I remain steadfast in my plea for gender equality, and the annihilation of homophobia completely, I also maintain that getting away with homophobia, and inequalities between genders can, and will only happen, if and only if the roles are not reserved. I have encountered many people in my life, and each of them have expressed various, and oftentimes, different opinions towards homosexuality, homophobia, and sexuality as a whole. What I am really trying to say is, I don't believe that we can fight homophobia by hating straight people, and some of the laws against it. Defeating homophobia is about changing the mindsets of those who are at a lack of understanding about the dynamics thereof, and also those who live by the myths. The other way is to ensure that we respect the boundaries before, and around us; being defiant by demonstrating homosexual acts in a place where it is banned, for example, only exacerbates the situation, and reinforces the conceptions carried by the believers of the idea that homosexuality is a sin, or disease.

It's about respect, and finding the comfort in your own world, with those whom matter to you, and within an environment you can flourish. It's not always about the bigger world out there, and the opinions of people who have never even seen your face, nor know that you exist; mostly it's about you, as I said, and I choose to celebrate diversity, pride, and equality, and then everything else you believe in as a person. Of course at times your life will be affected by the 'world out there', and for many, it's even affected by what should be a 'comfort zone.'

Sexuality must be one of the most intricate, if not the most intricate thing to dissect, explain, and critique. Due to this factor, it makes it increasingly arduous for some people to imbibe with codes of gender the way other people do. Consideration is key, and being liberal creates your own sort of 'liberal city' where everything is accepted, so it's somewhat momentous that, as liberal as you are, you never make the mistake of forming any kind of prejudice.

I believe that traits such as prejudice, denial, and hate are all cultivated at home, and are often the result of influence; whether from religion or parents. While you cannot change the situation around you, you can strive to lead a completely different life, contrary to the life you commonly know and abhor, when you are granted the free will, and the chance to do so.

I for one don't agree that women should be confined to their homes, unless they've chosen to do so, out of their own free will. I don't believe that the "fear, rejection of, and shunning of homosexuality" should be greeted with acts of violence, especially by the hands of the people, like the government whose purpose is to serve, and protect. I don't believe that religion should be the loudest voice in the room when homosexuality is brought up, because of all the accounts of homosexuality, and even homophobia that I've come across, religion offers the weakest accounts thereof, and honestly, makes illogical claims that are to be treated with certain methods of reaction, and retaliation. Not so long ago I watched a video on YouTube in which a Muslim sheikh was interviewed about the 'epidemic', - the epidemic being homosexuality. He was very rash, and obviously a fervent follower of the Shar'iah law, and this was all confirmed when he proceeded to add that death as punishment for homosexuals, and homosexual acts, is too weak. In other words he was insinuating that had there existed a more gruesome, and bloodcurdling method of extinction, and punishment, that should be used on homosexuals, and those engage in such acts.

It breaks me to hear people refer it to as 'a way of life', a deviation to make a statement, 'a lifestyle', and it especially infuriates me when people refer to it as a choice. The best indication that 'the choice theory' is invalid comes to life when you ask straight people if they recalling receiving a choice, sometime ago, as to whether or not they really wanted to be straight. If the choice theory is valid, then it implies that only homosexual individuals were given the choice, and by some power, all chose the same thing. From a personal point of view, much as I am proud of who I am, happy to be who I am, and quite intrigued by being gay, I don't think I would have chosen to be gay, had I been granted the opportunity to choose my desired sexuality, especially if I knew what it would entail.

There's no shame in being gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc, and it's important to tell yourself this, so that you are not swallowed by guilt, and denial. There was a time, shortly after I had become sexuality active with guys, when these feelings of intense guilt, denial, and hatred on myself would pass over me after having sex, and it really ate me. I tried to discard my emotions, but knew that I could no longer deny them, because they were omnipresent, and had found a way to emerge from the debris of my previous denial. I knew I had to accept, and love myself regardless of who I loved, and who I loved going to bed with. It's almost like trying to get citizenship of a country; you just have to wait until you are naturalized, and by all means, there are no shortcuts- in other words, allow yourself to become comfortable with it without applying any pressure on yourself.

If you're homosexual, and smiling at some of the things I've said, or if you are straight and support gay rights, then you will agree with me that, no matter how much resistance ebbs from oppressors, they can never change the way you feel, and neither can they change your sexuality, because it's impermeable. And also, learn to take society with one, not two hands, because you can never be too involved; too involved is when you start becoming the recipient of oppression. And no, I am not saying become a recluse, I am saying that you should be who you are, without purposely making statements that will exacerbate the very issue your statement is meant to eradicate.

Take it easy, and let your mother work if she wants to
relax and let your baby brother
play with a doll
and your sister a fire engine,
take it easy, and don't allow
any maschismo to tell you
that there's a 'way' to be a man
and that that way
is found at the end of vagina avenue,
tell him softly,
that you just love
taking the dirt road-
the short cut
up the avenue you love the most


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