Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Ray, if you will

Here's a little blog post dedicated to me. I will mention a few things I like, and don't like, and also list some of the activities I get up to, and where I aspire to be in the next few years.

1. I am 21 years old. I was on May 3, 1991 in Johannesburg South Africa.
2. My star sign is Taurus, and man do I love riding the bull.
3. I am artistically, and creatively inclined. I am passionate about the arts as a whole.
4. I am a singer, actor, dancer, writer of poetry, short stories, novels, and scripts for television.
5. I am very extroverted, but also introverted, depending on the crowd, and situation.
6. I love fashion, and would love to start my own label someday!
7. I am set on opening my own creative company which will cover every aspect of the arts I am passionate about.
8. I love socialising, and so I've been called a social butterfly!
9. I am not religious.
10. I am not hung up on Politics.
11. I LOVE watching Discovery Investigation, and the Crime and Investigation network. People have called me sick for this, but I am obsessed with researching serial killers, and all-American trials. So far, Charles Manson takes the cake.
12. Britney Spears, has been, and will always be my favourite celebrity and pop star!
13. I love Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian. I love their reality show, and everyone else in the family. People also call me, Mr Kardash, and RayKardash, and I love that!
14. After an obsession with Lady Gaga, I got called Raga! Clever huh? Still one of my favourite nicknames.
15. I love coffee, and going out on coffee dates.
16. I used to love drinking A LOT, but not such a fan anymore.
17. I love movies, and quiet nights in, but then again, I also really love going out to great parties and venues.
18. I listen to any kind of music, as long as it makes me feel good, and leaves an impression.
19. I want my own reality show.
20. I suffer from delusions of grandeur sometimes, yeah!
21. Yo I smoke's quite the thing for me!
22. My favourite writers are: Oscar Wilde, JK Rowling, Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, Alice Walker, and Toni Morrison.
23. I'm a feminist, and gay rights activist in my own right!
24. I am gay, and proud.
25. I am currently single.
26. My favourite song of all time is: Always on my mind by the Pet Shop Boys
27. My favourite movie of all is: Grease staring Olivia Newton John, and John Travolta.
28. I want to be an evil, manipulative character in a future role.
29. I have written over 21 short stories, 97 poems, and in the process of editing, and completing two novels across different genres.
30. My favourite, and most loved fragrance; my signature is ANGEL by Thierry Mugler, even though it's a women's fragrance.
31. I walk on my socks!
32. I constantly oversleep!
33. I believe in ghosts!
34. I love photography, and modeling.
35. I was five when I wrote my first short story called Stupid Toy.
36. I don't really like sport, my liking is limited to watching.
37. I am fluent in English, and Afrikaans, and learning Italian.
38. I have a younger sister.
39. Some of favourite foods are: pizza, chow-mein, tramezzini sandwiches, mutton curry, and steak. I love meat!
40. I used to cry my way out of situations when I was a child.
41. I can't even really cry anymore.
42. I believe in Karma.
43. Most people simply call me Ray.
44. I want to move to the States, either to California, or New York City.
45. I'd love to travel to Italy.
46. I want to start an organization aimed at educating youth about the truths, and myths of sexuality.
47. I don't like invasion of my personal space.
48. I smoke a lot of cigarettes in one day!
49. I can read a 316 paged book in one day, sometimes in 3 hours if I am not too busy.
50. I don't like being idle.
51. I use the following expressions, and words too much: "Put it in the bible!" "Bible?!" "Oh fuck my soul" "Oh lord have mercy" "Wait...what?!" "Totes" "Fab" and "GorgeousAward."
52. I want to find a way to bring things to me, without me having to get up, and go get it.

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