Monday, June 11, 2012

Poem: The Gothic Trilogy

Song of the Gothic I

Moon-faced in the silence
Of the dying town
Where the lights weaken
From kaleidoscopic
To near gothic gray

Pictures lay all
About the floor,
The debris and all
The things you dearly miss,

Strewn as litter
Across the pavements
Vacated by lone hearts
And arrows
Buckled as twigs
Are in forests
With owls laughing about

In your moon-face,
Sulky, and made of silk
Easier to break
Than mend
Like a plastic
By wind’s heavy hand

You are.

Song of the Gothic II

No one believes
My sight
When I am standing,

Feeling the intricacies
Like rubble
Inside a hole
Outside a cave
From a fallen

Above where
I breathe.

Song of the Gothic III

Pallid as powder
Drained of power
Emaciated before
And queens
And thirsty at the throne,

With the image
Of his face, and there I
Laying bare
As did Adam
With my hands
Stretched out
I am the eagle
I am feeble

Drained as a
Punished soothsayer
We have no alchemy
You love me not
This is not romance
I sing
The song of the

The lyrics to which
The devils writhe
And the angels weep
As infants do
At an untimely pinch
To the skin,

I fade into
The cloak
Worn by night,
Is the night
I sing the song of
The gothic.

 © Raeez Jacobs. 2012.

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