Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sizwe Banzi is ALIVE

This weekend there will be a production, titled; Sizwe Banzi is Alive, at the Joburg Theatre. The show runs from the 6th to 10 June- with different times for week, and weekend shows. This is most probably, or so it seems, a production based on the original play by Athol Fugard, with the title; Sizwe Banzi is Dead, which is arguably one of Fugard's most successful plays.

Tickets will cost an affordable, R50, and R40 for students. Also, the show will be performed by Masiza Mbali and Simpho Mathenjwa, and is directed by, Eliot Moleba. I think this is going to be a heart-warming, and amazing production. So do join me, and some other friends as we scurry off to the theatre this weekend.


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