Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Index finger of the City.

I attended a party recently;
My friend's gorgeous affair
took place upon the roof'
of the Johannesburg, Art Decadence Hotel
The hotel breathes the breath of the glamorous,
and captivates, while it allures the senses,
the true essence of life atop a city.
Johannesburg is the city of art,
Johannesburg is the city most close to my yearning heart.

A view from the top; a look at the city just as the sun set.
Mild darkness. Half-day, half-night; a two-faced moment, like being in two places at the time, I, along
with these buildings, were caught in two time spaces, at the same time.

A vintage touch to a modern city. 

During the early afternoon. The air smelled of excitement, and feelings most unexplained. 
Clouds amassed to conceal, at least partially, the fancy tops of some buildings.

That tower stands out, most stall.
That tower is the index finger of the city.

© Raeez Jacobs Photography. 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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