Thursday, June 14, 2012

So you want to be famous, huh?

Everybody wants to be famous; even people who have no concept of the word 'talent', or what exactly it entails to be a public personality. Fame is a construct, built entirely around talented people, who serve as the building blocks of the greater structure. Being famous is about more than just showing up to glitzy events in designer apparel, and posing beautifully for the cameras. Fame is a way of life; it is life for some, especially the authentic creative geniuses who use fame, as passion metamorphosed into business.

Even though I am nowhere near the fame I so boldly speak of; growing up and always keeping my eye close to the entertainment industry, seeing the perks, as well as the pits of fame, being an ardent fame-chaser myself, grants me the audacity to type this blog, with more confidence than Madonna.

So here's an unofficial list of a few things you need to get in order, to make sure you reach fame, and ultimately renowned, and acclaim status:

- Make sure you have the right attitude, and a personality brighter than any summer's day, and also bolder than Helena Bonham Carter, could ever be.
-Ensure that you remain positive, and keep in touch with your abilities at all time.
-Try to stay focused on your goals, and work towards them, slowly, but never lag.
-Be patient.
-Accept rejection, even if it's the millionth time; rejection doesn't imply failure.
-Market, yet never exploit yourself.
-As much as you're selling yourself, never make the mistake of pushing anyone down, or neglecting to help others who want to be where you are.
-Be honest, and willing to make sacrifices.
-Reserve time to look for agents, audition notices, and castings, and never become despondent when there seems to be a lack in notices, just keep looking, and modifying your searches.
-Start a blog, website, and/ or Twitter page; use this to market and promote your talents, products, etc. Use these platforms to showcase your true, and most alluring personality traits, while also demonstrating true passion, and skill.
-Don't ever sell yourself short.
-The most important step is finding a casting agency/talent agency who may represent you, so that you are not considered an unsolicited performer; you have more credibility with a portfolio to your name, and an agency justifying your craft.
-Be aware of cheap, and fake agencies who only want your money, and are looking to exploit you.
-Starting with drama courses through well-known, and reputable drama, music, writing, and film academies, are a great way to gain skills, and experience in the field. Courses like these also help in the development of your attitude, and personality.
-Lastly, keep believing in yourself; stop dreaming, and go for the dream instead. Don't ever let your image, and appearance keep you from going for your goals, be ambitious, and make it more about what you do, and less of what you think people are going to see you as.

Hope my advice is able to help you.
If you are looking for any information regarding castings, casting agents/ agencies, and auditions, and competitions etc, please contact me, and I will, with great effort, endeavour to assist you.



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