Monday, June 11, 2012

Audition dear, No dear, Me too, dear

Every audition requires a specific attitude; an attitude you are supposed to present to the judges previewing whatever it is you're showcasing. The truth is; this attitude, unlike other things within the category of personality, like happiness, for example, is not universal and so, attitude may vary from one person to the other- and oftentimes, evidently so, the attitude is there; full force, but the judges are not satisfied, and so you don't end up getting the role. So then, you ask yourself, what is the right attitude, and how do I nail this?

Truth is, there is no right or wrong way to approach an audition. There have been times, and I am sure that a lot of people who have auditioned for theatre, musicals, presenters etc, can agree with me here, where the judges are really positive, and enthralled by you, yet still, you don't get that 'part.'

I have concluded, rather haphazardly, that the result of your audition, as much as your talents do count, is partially based on pure fortune, or if you're unlucky...misfortune. The judges, producers, and directors already have the person they're looking for in mind, and so when you enter, no matter how great you are, if you're not that person they have in mind, you're not going to be considered. There's a possibility however, that you may just get selected for the next round, because perhaps they feel you might just be it.

Don't be heartbroken about bad auditions, or when you're not selected. A bad audition is not a sign, or indication that you're not good- the way exams are- because unlike exams, auditions don't really test your knowledge, and so the result has nothing to do with you, or what you know. And so, I implore of you, don't ever become despondent by rejection. Rejection should make you want it more; use your frustration to channel more positive energy, and then transform that into inspiration, so that you get back up, and launch right into it again- at least that's what I believe. Remember that you own your talent; it is a part of you- for many, it was born with you, and it is everything you live for- neglecting to continue after rejection, is like disowning a part of yourself; you're denying yourself the ability to live through events, and moments that make you happy.

The other piece of advice I'd like to give is; don't ever attend an audition under the impression that you're the best, or hoping that anyone else is beneath you. Fantasizing as such, takes all your attention away from having a great audition, and so instead, all your energy is vested into this image, which only just a dream. Don't worry, your critical acclaim will come. Terms such as 'star', 'starlet', 'diva', and 'superstar' are bestowed upon you by the media, and the public based predominantly on your success...calling yourself by these terms, don't make you seem me, you only come across as: 'delusional'; at least to people who have their heads correctly attached to their bodies.

Ooze confidence in the sense that you believe in yourself, and that you don't view rejection as failure. Don't ever misconstrue the definition of confidence. Note also that pride is a dirty trait to possess when you're just starting out, because you're haughty and proud, and so you place everyone beneath you. Believe me, I am a strong believer in karma, as well as negative and positive energies travelling through space, which have an impact on what you present forth. You're not going to succeed if in your head, you're the ONLY, and the BEST actor in the world, and likewise for any other arts or professions. It's important to be humble, and honest, and respect other people. Appreciate that, together, each and every one of you are a brick in the wall being built, which when complete, will be the representation of that particular field.

I know that a lot of people are quickly made despondent by lack of audition notices; the reality here is this- there are auditions all around you, happening each and every single day, and you're not going to find out about them by merely sitting at home, dreaming, or just typing the keyword, audition, into Google. You need to put yourself out there, sign up to casting notice sites, try and find a reputable casting agency, attend theatre shows, email whoever you think could possibly help you. In other words I am saying that you need to market yourself towards where you want to be. This is life; modern day society- in which nothing is handed to anyone on a silver platter, and the philosophy; each to his own is highly habituated, while Love thy neighbour is just...uhm biblical!

Put yourself out there! You are the judge can tell you that you can't sing if you really can, because guess what, there is no universal standard of what a singer should or shouldn't sound like, provided there actually is a singer's voice in question.

Don't just dream; do!

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