Saturday, June 16, 2012

Extract from Play

Extract from play: Title cannot be known at this point.

Scene III

Zeeha is seated before a mirror, applying make up to his face while reading an article in a newspaper. 

Zeeha: The funniest thing about me, is the thing I don't like laughing at, or having other people laugh at for that matter. [Puts on eye-shadow]You know, [drags on cigarette, and blows out smoke loudly] it's very strange how just the other day I thought: Zeeha jou lekker ding, trek die pantyhose aan en maak laat hul koppe soos tornado's draai, but agh... [Applies lipstick] I guess I should stop complaining; I sound like an auntie with one breast, three children, a lazy-cheating of a husband, and a house in the kak part of Ennerdale, or some other surviving coloured state, and I say state because community is an understatement to the ways of the coloured folk; community is for the gypsies, or little groups of rats that live underneath that surviving, coloured state. It's not easy to talk this way about these people, because no matter what I say, or do, they are always going to be better, even though Uncle Sammy will most likely be sitting on that same three-legged chair, in his bargained Ackerman's trousers, when I come here in a few years...[Stops to think, and drags on cigarette] maak dit somer net sestien jaare, and you'll see, I swear on my fake boobs, gay spirit, and the blood of Barbara Streissand that even Auntie Wakie will not only look the same, but will still be wearing her blue checked overall. And then I am the worst of them, really? Nee tog, ek is glad nie so erg nie, it's just the way they were socialized, and don't tell them that because they'll say something like: "Hey don't talk nonsense man, I wasn't socialized; leave that laarnie words of you alone- I was born. And that is when I roll my eyes, and laugh at them, in my head, while still they laugh at me...out loud.

© Raeez Jacobs. 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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