Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stray Cat on The Catwalk

Ferragamo Model making it look so simple

Yesterday was the most arduous rehearsal I ever partook in. Literally, my legs are still aching like I imagine a messenger's, without any mode of transport must feel after walking to and fro, in the effort to be heard. It feels like I have helmets apt for cockroaches laying scattered in the abyss of my soles! Psych!
When I first arrived, I hardly knew what I was doing. I've never ever thought of, nor had the intention of becoming a runway model. It just didn't appeal to me. Sure, I'm a fashion-crazed personality, but those models have always possessed something I didn't recognize in myself. Until yesterday, that is!

Model in action during Thierry Mugler show

After about two hours of repetitive walks alongside the patient instructor, I finally mastered it, and decided to practice it, deathlessly and even mentally, so as not to lose it. Recognition, and the "eye of the actor" as my agent would have called it, helped me quickly copy the steps, and my walk so MASCULINE it even drives me wild ha ha...I guess it's being really good at imitating. The fashion show coordinator arrived, and made me feel really good for learning "the walk" so quickly, and begged me to literally admit that I had experience in the industry, having said it was my first time doing something like this. The closest I ever intended of getting to the runway, was after the models did their final walk, and I stepped out to bow away my collection that had just been displayed.
BJ is a model and his pointers abetted too, to a great extent, and I would have been utterly clueless if it was not for him, and his experience here, there, and everywhere. He is really great, on a side note.
Anyway, the other guys walking for the show are really good, and I thought I'd be intimidated by that, but once again having learned how to manage castings, etc...I was not in the slightest intimidation. The next rehearsal is Saturday, and I get to arrive at 1 instead of 9, "because there's nothing you need to work on to remaining patient throughout, and never once making me feel small and inadequate!
The show's on March 2nd, and we get to bring along 2 complimentary guests....I've asked Mobean and Chanelle to accompany me...although I remember asking one other person a while back- argh hy sal maar net moet betaal jong. LEAVE THE DRAMA FOR YOUR time to stress over here.
I've surmounted to a novice respect for runway models, because of the arduous nature of perfecting the craft; from your expression to your posture. It's not as easy as it looks!!
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