Monday, February 25, 2013


The official countdown, to the 2012 Royal Fashion has begun- there are only four days left, before the glitz event, that is slated to be over-royal launches at the Leondale Centre, in the cultural hub of Johannesburg. The event which is headed by Creative Director and fashion label entrepreneur, Ms. Twy as she is commonly known, is expected to turn into an annual affair, with suggestions of Africa Fashion Week already being whispered here and there.
It's a royal brand- conservative, chic, upmarket, modern, and boasts a slew of regal-like colours, ranging from gloss blues to matte and silk blacks; something like Versace is prone to, or Thierry Mugler. In retrospect, the line possesses the key proponents, to merge with and rise above the fashion cohort already monotonously existent locally, from the likes of StonedCherry, Gavin Raja, Thula Sindi and the good-for-nothing, overly exposed and eccentric, David Tlale.
Rehearsals have been well underway, and the selection of both male and females makes for a promissory showcase, as fashion coordinators and Runway Model instructors expressed great excitement and seemed impressed, at how steadily, ceaselessly, and quickly most of the few selected, quickly learned to muster the courage, to avert their concerns into practice and just walk casually to perfection. For those who watch from home or fill the infamous front row, and to the bloggers who know only how to wear, the walk may look like the easiest thing in the world to do, but it takes a lot of energy, muscle-use, poise, and an unblemished mind-state to walk as if there (literally) exists nothing else around you.
"You're great, but there's nothing in your face." was the most common criticism handed out during intense rehearsals, and stubborn moods, infuriated six feet tall expressions began to emerge as the uglier comments soon began to emerge; 'She's beautiful, but she needs to lose a lot of weight.' was one such comment. A week later, a girl reappeared looking rather "ameliorated", and thankfully not emaciated, having shed quite a bit of weight in only five days. No questions were asked I presume, since I can only imagine the extremities to which she had subjected herself to, in the hurried effort to look the part, more than just exude it.
Overall, the event as aforementioned, promises to be something that will be talked about, talked about again, and then overly repeated, until the next event takes place. Ms. Twy, whose website you should definitely be ogling at, has proven herself a master of the fashion and creative milieu. On her own and with the help of those dearest to her, she has ascended the rut, or the trying, and has surmounted to the final stages of piecing together a fashion line plus show. Hereafter, she can reap the rewards of being famous, and enjoy the fruits of her success. If you would like to attend the event and find out more about The 2012 Royal Fashion Show, simply head on over to the events page on Facebook or come back to Ray After Dark for updates.

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