Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Countdown: 3 Days to Go

Unbelievable isn't it? That a mere three or so weeks ago, I was sprawled over my desk, languidly browsing through junk mail, and other such related technological garbage, when I got an email suddenly and came to find my languished demeanor drowning in the excitement I had just encountered. More credulous than all of that dramatic repose, was the onset of physical rehearsals, the photo shoot (pics coming soon, dolls!), and the extending of invitations to a select few (only). Thursday is the sound check, fitting, rehearsal, and one more social, heading up to Saturday's festivities.

Once again thank you to the wonderful designer, Twy, whose remarkable sense of austerity has abetted her, to create an inspiring, regal, but moreover, a developing brand that I trust will come to make its predominant mark on the already filled rug of the South African Fashion Industry.
Peter of PT Models, thank you for your ceaseless patience, and your eagerness to see us both, overcome and equally perfect, all the while reminding us how important our prospects and our presentation mean to us. To Lerato who emerged from the netherworld, literally, thank you for "popping in" on our rehearsal, and being so vigilant in your criticism, as well as in your compliments. You are the sort of persona most people rely on, in situation as these, to help them ease into being, 'natural' and in your own words, 'charming.'
And then obviously, to my girl, Sting- Wow I can't begin to express how inundated with gratitude I am- thank you for believing in me, and urging me on despite all my rejections and concerns toward that platform I had never even yet dreamed of walking. It's motivating to be in the presence of motivational people; people who drive themselves and others, who aren't psychological egoists on a quest for their own happiness. People like you are the reason there is survival within this intricate and at times damned industry that is the arts.  Everyone at Impikelelo and Twy Fashion, I'd like to extend further acknowledgement to you, for making it possible, against the preconceived and misconceptions, for one to become amenable to such worthy and lucrative prospects, like the Royal Fashion Show.
To the other guys and girls, in so much as we walk this brand and sell it to those in attendance, we should never feel as we've been compromised or neither should we take to selfishly wanting to own the show, as whether we like it, Saturday is all for Ms Twy and the display of her most royally chic and timeless creation of a collection that I have since come to believe in.

For more information on Saturday's show, please head on over to the Facebook page and leave your queries, comments, and other concerns on the wall of the RFS13 page. Alternatively however, you can send an E-mail to the coordinators for the request of more information.

For direction or the accurate GPS Coordinates please visit this Google Maps Link

Can't wait to see you all there, it's going to be a truly remarkable evening, rain, snow, tsunami (psst), tor-
yeah you get it...it's going to be great, irrespective of the atmosphere in which it is taking place.
Allow me to throw up in a brown paper bag...Jokes! Ha ha this is Fashion...not grunge.

Good night Glamsters!
Love u x

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