Sunday, February 17, 2013

Because pictures say a Thousand WHOLE words, right?f

Zaakir sent me this photo a while back. Ain't it fab on another level? It's a campaign for the infamous red-soled Christian Louboutin collection of mens and womens designer shoes. The model picture is confidently strutting a pair, and glancing at the Eiffel Tower in Paris- the city in which Louboutin was brought to life.

Bruno Mars adds a whole other dimension to this varying gallery of images. Mostly however, he makes the list since his album, Unorthodox Jukebox is currently atop my "Most Played" list.

The Deathly Hallows. If ya ain't watched Harry Potter or read it, ya probably thinking...ILLUMINATI. Give yourself a  sip of whiskey and relax the fuck out, it's NOT. It's a splendid symbol with an allegory that can appeal to nearly every personality in real-life, not just in the world of witchcraft and wizardry.

This is an old photo from my agency shoot, redone and re-edited using my own editing software. Isn't different, and cool? 

I love this pic, it was my wallpaper for a while. Peace is a major theme in my politically correct universe; striving to undo the knots of injustice in more than just a few places around the world. It's out there everyday- those things by which you are infuriated, causing others to become fickle in the face of violence and other acts of prejudice. Let's practice and preach PEACE- Blunt?

He's a model, who walked the runway for both Cornelliani , D&G, and  Armani recently. Isn't he just something worthy drooling over? #ToDieAMillionDeathsByBeauty

#StyleBook: Black-on-Black will also be alluring and is never out of season. Adapt your fashion though, by adding metallics, silvers, and soft greys to all-black outfits, and maintain that rockstar image- if it's what you're wearing black for, or mourn in style HA HA.

Style Inspiration: Soft tones always merge well together, even though it may seem bleak, when envisioning them altogether. Light contrasts of brown, charcoal, white and silver, when properly put together, can be eye-catching. 

Fashion Editorial from unknown publication of Vogue Italia. 

Left to Right: Chanelle J, Raeez Jacobs, Zenobia Whitney S, looking ultra-chic for an amateur shoot. 

Britney Spears looking rather HAWT, not Hot for a shoot. Very reminiscent of the 2004 Toxic  music video. I love Britney Spears more than I love, love! Faark, yeah!

Former "Angel" campaign with Naomi Watts. Eva Longoria, the sultry Latin beauty has since become the new face of the brand by fashion boffin, Thierry Mugler. 

When injustice becomes law. Rebellion becomes necessary. 

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