Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Talent Promo & Development Programme

The word, Impikelelo simply means; persuasion, or rather directly, go on towards your goal, and that was exactly the agenda behind the godsend-of-a-creation of the Impikelelo Talent Promotion & Development Programme. The initiative was created in order to sustain, nurture, develop and groom emerging local talents, of every genre, from Music to Drama, and it seeks to enable aspiring artists to achieve their dreams of entering the entertainment and arts industries alike, as trained, well-groomed and like-minded individuals.

Joining up for the programme will expose vernal artists to the otherwise "closed" world of arts, and also assist them in driving towards their goals. While I am not sure whether or not there's a fee for the programme, by reading through the description of the company, which can be found here, I am certain that participation could only lead to heaps of success and life-altering opportunities.

There's currently an opportunity to do a photo shoot+ interview, which will be included on the Impikelelo website, launching Monday, August 6 2012, and the reel will be made available and ready-for-viewing throughout the next year, and information pertaining to that can be found on the Impikelelo Facebook page. However, please note that the photo session and interview will be taking place as soon as tomorrow, so make arrangements to be available, if you're interested in attending.

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