Sunday, August 5, 2012


I'm an avid believer of the "capability, inherent in all", to rise above, meet with, and transcend the iniquitous. And while I hold this believe, I shun the believe that 'iniquity', is a product of life and that facing it will make you stronger. Quintessentially, iniquity, at least as I construe it as; an apparently usual occurrence in life- predominantly existing where it's most likely to exist. Though, just because it exists somewhere; its existence should never be 'bred', or nurtured rather, simply because it's a commonality. Iniquity, like many of our other woes, have a tendency to indoctrinate our minds with incredulous, unfounded and imbecilic ideas; ideas which entitle us, to believe that, we are (in)capable of overcoming our iniquities, simply because we believe, opposed to just understand (as we rightly should), the definition and characteristics of iniquity.

So I say, just because there's evil, prejudice, iniquity, heartache, loss, etc, it doesn't mean we have to feel it, and even when you do; never should you come to believe that, your whole life is characterized by it. Sometimes you merely need to detach yourself for a while, and just NOT feel at all; refrain from giving in to your thoughts, conflicting yourself, and struggling. Of course it's not easy, one said it was; but there's enough propensity in you, if you're needs are authentic, to just disregard whatever you're feeling. Remember that nothing made you feel that way about something, before it actually occurred. So, go back to a time, in your head, and then stay there, where that specific woe did not exist. This also makes you see and understand that, the only reason why you feel so subjected by someone, and inclined to express grief, is because, you've made that issue, the epicenter of your world- when really it's not the only thing happening in your life. What about elation from some astonishment, in a time of iniquity? Are you disregarding that? Yes, frankly you are- and I implore of you, even if you're going to 'feel' all that strain, at least have bouts of happiness, so that you don't drive yourself to destruction. You have the power; you have the key, so set yourself free.

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