Sunday, August 5, 2012

POEM EXTRACT:Forever Young

Still afraid of everythin' around,
Closing our ears to every sound-
Can't hear 'em tell their daddies go,
Or hear 'em singing without any flow,
Or those ideas of drunk fortune, building lies
Without wiping tears from our eyes.

All the rebel theory, Bob Marley
Philosophy- you and then me,
And the death of detentioon,
Live in our souls, because we are deep holes;
Fillin' up with some black suspicion,
All our lives are based on supersition.

Forever young, toy boys kickin'
Laughter through the day,
Forever young, sweet-eye, lollipop lady,
Turning some of 'em eyes to clay.
Dressed like misunderstood icons,
Singin' all the war songs;
The bombs burstin' in air,
Giving proof, through the clouds,
That our flag is still there...
Forever young, always jittery and island-eyed,
So young forever, way after time died,
And we all will live as if we really tried.
We'll say, the Star Spangled Banner still waves,
Ever watching the ramparts; still in the land of the free,
Forever young, you and me,

In this city of little kisses, and too much bliss,
Where the streets go leading 'em astray,
All is lost and forgotten in one day,
But there'll still be a museam of eternity,
Around all losing against the glare of infinity,

Because we don't want, so much as we wish and feel,
Not for the beauty before us; for the turnin' wheel;
Twistin' and turnin' through space,
Inside god's face,
Wishin' we could just run this place.

Some random hour, and a cigarette bites the night,
Without a heart in sight;
Just some laboratory babe, clad in white,
Secrety fooled, intentionally betrayed,
By some wild-head, ripped stunner,
Who has just never ever stayed.

© Copyright. 2012. Raeez Jacobs.

NB. [Rest of poem cannot be included, for reasons of; exclusivity and copyright, since it is currently under consideration, with a Johannesburg journal of literature.]

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