Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Poem: The Things We Didn't Do

Last night we folded away the pains,
Prayed for the return
Of those blissful, love-making
Afternoon rains, last night
We gave the darkness light
Despite how fragile
We appeared in the photograph
Despite how our faces never understood
What our hearts were saying
Despite how we never looked
So damaged
Or scattered
Like our thoughts, so shy
Last night there was
Nothing to second-guess,
Last night we were the believed,
The recently graduated,
Succeeded and romantically redeemed
We have been dying
To be,
Last night we beamed,
And realised,
Last night we packed our suitcases
And reeled,
Last night, from each other's souls
We peeled.
Last night as you turned to go,
A far-off and disturbed wolf cried,
As a part
Of me abruptly died.

- Raeez Jacobs

© Copyright. 2012. RaeezJacobs. 

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