Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Kolours and Shades

I am so in love with these fabulous pics my gorgeous cousin, Fazlyn snapped of me over the weekend. I love modeling and also exhibiting, though it may not be the greatest, elements of my personal and inspired style. I love drawing inspiration from sources like; The Kardashians, Scott Dissick, Mark Westinghouse, Nicola Formichetti (Creative Dir. for Thierry Mugler), and then all those other kaleidoscopic and multifarious ideas I have welling and swelling inside of my head. 
Don't stare into the lens, if you make it another person, you're looking at it, not into it for a natural glare. 
I think that if I was amenable to more money, I'd definitely have more edge to my style, and I do feel somewhat limited now, so I try to reinvent my outfits so that they don't always look recycled, dull, and conventional. I strive to be different in my approach, and by different I don't mean I want to look like no one else, it's just that difference is often subtle and exemplified through the adding of items like scarves, chains, and hats etc, that I know other people won't opt for, even if they look like me...head to toe. I feel like fashion is another aspect of storytelling, because your attire, even if you don't live by the adage, really does tell a lot about you, and denotes some part of your personality, that other people can decipher you through, and even come to like you by. 

Collages makes me so zestful 
I feel as if looking good can make a grim day all the more merrier, and totes impact the way your day is slated to turn out. A little perfume uplifts the spirits too, and your good demeanor and natural happiness is sustained so long as you keep notice of compliments and methods of self-fulfillment.

The coat is an excuse. No, an armor. The coat is frost abuse. 

 One other thing about me, is that I don't need a licence to good; so I could dress up on a Monday as if its Saturday, and spend the whole day lounging on a couch, whilst on a Saturday, I could go about clad in track pants and sneakers all day. It really relies on which mood I am in, and which mood I am hoping to find myself in, that influences what I am going to wear, not which day it is. 

I'm convinced there must be something surreal beneath those manta rays, doll

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