Friday, April 12, 2013

Poem: Melody from Beyond

all the altercations snake their way up
rising in twirls, excited as smoke
moving towards the periphery of the cup
around which your lips go perched
sealing off the last words e'er your voice hath spoke
and the soliloquy faces all but just smirked
hanging dust-made tapestry about the air
some of 'em dirt stupor gets entwined in your hair
there's no face slashing open 'cross the dawn
by every recurring incessant darkness you buck and mourn
emaciated to the Egyptian skin of your bone
morose and near some decrepit state of ash
you leave yourself alone
entombed in the derogatory situation, devoid of cash
without a currency, bereft of value
see how eyes and dreams have defiled you
none novice creations gleam in your stride
playing a million dizzying rounds of Jekyll and Hide
waiting on some revelation or some ulterior significance
heart-closed to your widespread malevolence
with your own expression mocked in the enrapturing flames
praying they'll remember you by at least
one of your many names
erstwhile they become oblivious to your disposition
thinking in alternate patterns of consciousness
you forget how it was you who urged the superstition
by which you are disbelieved and tossed about the malice

- Raeez Jacobs

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