Friday, April 12, 2013

...A Little Thing called a TimeLine...


Matriculates from Nur-ul-Islam School


Starts BA degree at Wits, initially subjects were: International Relations, Philosophy, Italian, and Film, Visual and Performing Arts in the 1st semester. In the second, I dropped Italian for Linguistics, and FVPA for Psychology.


BA continues with Philosophy, 1st semester IR, and Italian is picked up again with new friend Nadia (repeating literally), and Psychology is replaced by English Literature one.


Becomes official “second year” only, having amended majors from Philosophy and IR, to English and Italian. Anthropology is picked up to complete the points for eligibility at level II.


Final year (3rd year) though literal fourth, majors from level II are carried over to year 3, and doing only one module of Anthropology I, in the first semester.

At midyear, halts studying following June examinations.
Fills official “cancellation of registration” until further notice form at Humanities Faculty;
Sign-out process ensues and graduation is held akimbo, until completion of sem II units in English and Italian.

August 2012

Enrols at Brumilda Acting Academy & Agency, to begin some form of performing and acting training-
Course runs on Saturdays, and usually extends to the later part of day before concluding.

Develops show reel and has exam photo shoot with Renico Van Rensburg

Completes course with an A

Agency representation ensues

December 2012

Auditions for NYFA (New York Film Academy) doing two modern monologues: 1. Torch Song Trilogy monologue by David Beckoff, and 2. “Charlie” Manson, in the film adaptation of the 1960s cult-driven noir about the brutal slayings, dictated by the Acid-doused, prophetic, and deceptive Charles Manson, who led Susan Atkins and Tex Watson amongst others to murder the inhabitants of Cielo Drive. One of the slain turned out to be emerging Hollywood actress, Sharon Tate.


Despondent by impartial scholarship and need based grant

Begins “serial fund-hunting”

Reluctant having been sent little to no casting briefs.

Awaiting approval from National Arts Council and National Film & Video Foundation

April 2013

Considers alternatives

Plans around polythetic categories

Accepting possibilities and embracing multifarious prospects

Resumes and persists with fund-hunting nonetheless

Also plans to resubmit form to Wits to complete BA Final Year as possibility

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  1. Hey Raeez, I've been shopping around for a casting agency and came across Brumilda's agency and subsequently your blog. Having gone through the acting course, do you see value in it? And upon completion have you received any support in terms of casting leads? I'm considering going for it but im tentative mainly because it appears that it's an Afrikaans medium academy. Secondly because I've no knowledge on the success of the agency in giving out casting leads. I hope you can shed some light on this. Thanks:)