Sunday, April 7, 2013

#LooKbooK: Points of Ivy

so ivy. so not deadly.

I love this photo from the other day. It contrasts so well with the greenery all around- including the mental-cum-metaphorical green, y'know. I'm not big on green though, but I thought the merging of colours and the shifting of themes between clothing and ambiance was so stark, that I just had to take the photo. I threw a varied-color, striped scarf in, to break some of the dark, because I'm donning a black T, black skinny jeans, and black footwear. The shirt is on-green-on-olive-somewhat-military, which I really love. Shaquille was the photog and thank God, because not everyone takes really good pictures. It's NOT just about taking the photo, it's about being able to capture what should be displayed, and I appreciate an attentive, assertive, and eager photographer, whose skills allows what's being captured, to be displayed immaculately, whilst simultaneously highlighting the contours of his own craft.

When you tell these inanimate things my name. Imagine.

In this case, it's modeling and not the pool, though as you can see, the angle from which he took it balances it out perfectly, so that I don't seem as if I happened to the pool nor the scene or something. There's equilibrium, and no dissidence in shading, setting, nor position. If he stood any more right or left, it would be a picture of the pool with me plonked in it, and that's the attentive qualities a lot of people lack when they take photos. Sometimes you can really see the difference between when I am behind the cam, and then when I am in the front, because I put a lot into making sure I capture my friends, or whatever I'm capturing really well.

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