Tuesday, July 24, 2012

[POEM] Star Fishing

Star-fishing along the white shores
Of the moon,
Some are angels, others are demons,
Some are unsure in this valley
Of galaxies to adore,
Some are just lone planets
Floating by the hurl of gravity,
Others are fallen and sunken
Like plains of deserted land,
Or empty milk cartons scattered
Along a vacant lane,
You had your face turned away, slightly only,
Part of it concealed by your dog-like hair,
With your Valentine tongue caressing
Your lip beneath, gnawing at the peel,
Your beauty spot moved somewhat
Along with your decrepit, truck-stop eyes
Of Isle blue, and your junkyard mind
Some place else, toward the place
Where I sat,
And you watched me with your
Risqué torso gyrating against
The luminous orbs floating about your frame,
As if you were born to a magical name.
You removed your shoes when
The first meteor collided,
And then your sweater when
The second one merely did
So much as scorch your vanilla locks,
Until the gyre of angel dust, revolving,
Like a mass of weeds upon a seabed,
Sent you right back to the womb
Of your own destiny,
Before I was awoken by the panting,
Of my own bewildered imagery.

 © Copyright. 2012. Raeez Jacobs. 

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