Saturday, July 28, 2012

DEDICATION: My Friend Is A Contestant on SAs Got Talent

Holes and Poles,

I've been really excited by the meteor falling, earth shifting, soul touching news that my doll, Mercy a.k.a Medusa (If ya play nice, Bobby) will be a contestant on this years SAs Got Talent competition, televised nationally, and much like, Idols and the X-factor, judging is left to the viewer and contestants are eliminated each week, based on the number of votes they have received nationally via the standard 'TEXT' format, and recently, as with shows, such as, Idols; voting on social media platforms such as website forums and MXIT.

I've known Mercy for about 3 years now, and since we've met; literally, we've been like Boesman and Lena-two peas in a pod- with our crazy antics, which sometimes include; imitating people around us, acting, sing, other activities (cough cough), and all-natural and academically inclined conversations over, gender, sexuality, most notably; American serial killers, and our plans to pack up, and then move to the LAND OF THE FREE and THE HOME OF THE BRAVE.

Mercy cannot only sing, but she acts, is a heartfelt-inspirational and credible poet, with mystifying verses and 'created' realms and qualms, which inevitably cause one to be vexed under her poetic magic, and to be awestruck. She's an Artist in every sense of the word; I've even witnessed her demonstrate amazing fine arts capability, leaning towards what seems like, the most authentic fashion collection I had ever seen. When she's not being an artist and ardently honest, Activist, she's reading towards a law degree at Wits University, and I trust that her graduation will be yet another one of her many feats.

Mercy, doll, I wish you all of the best as you take this really brave step toward realizing your dreams. I commend you, not only on your ambition, but also for you deathless bravery, but also, your one-woman strength and agility. You're so talented and funny, and trust me, everybody wants a friend like you around! Isn't it crazy how, at the onset of this year, we both spoke about how this was our year, and how we were going to do, what we were really meant to be doing, more sternly this time- and look; here we both are, embarking on new and exciting chapters, and while I may be just as busy doing castings, auditions, publishing, writing, designing, etc. I will never lose the space in which I would be able to keep thoughts for you, and think of you, while you do nothing but...RISE!

Love you doll

As the Italian's say: IN BOCCA AL LUPO!

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