Friday, December 14, 2012

Poem: House of Glass

It's okay to be my age
These days I don't tell myself
A lot of things about myself
Because I'm a bit afraid of the
Way I might react to the sound of my voice
The world makes a lot of noise
Sometimes I wish to be deaf
Sometimes I wish to be blind
I long not to feel
What it feels like to feel
Because I feel peculiar when I feel
The world traps me in sometimes
Hurls me toward the centre of my shadow
Face to face with my mind
Unsure what I will find
In my eyes
I don't know if I'd like the truth
I always hated being lied to
I don't know what I want from myself
I'm scared of my heart
That fragile thing that carries me
I'm scared of the thoughts
That consume the machines
By which I breathe and through
Which I think of you
My inner mirror
I don't want it to shatter
I dread the sound of glasses at war
Breaking like crystal raindrops slamming
Against each other in midair
I'm afraid of myself
Tamed by my shadow
Disciplined by my dreams
Like a wolf with an attitude

Copyright. 2012. Raeez Jacobs Poetry.

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