Sunday, October 14, 2012

Poem: Between Hearts

Your heart and Mine

between your heart and mine,
there is a space of,
bewilderment and wonder

there are questions,
becoming edgy,
between your heart and mine

there is no other disagreement,
but our own fear, brewing
between, your heart and mine

time flows, as it should flow,
and feelings go,
where feelings usually go,
between your heart and mine

the stars don’t shine, the torches never glow,
yet, there was once a spark
between your heart and mine
lit up, like an amusement park

an arm away
from an embrace,
an hour away
from your gate,
your world is an open
my world, is
your story
and there, are no errors,

between your heart and mine

tensions are nascent,

between your heart and mine,
and neandethal feelings
are discarded,
but beautiful things remain,

while compliments fill
the balloons floating,
from your heart, to mine,
so they burst from airs and graces

there is a
silenced secret,
and suppressed
emotion, twirling
in the space, between your heart and mine

there are words, questions,
curiosities, lights waiting to glow,
answers, desires,
and events, between your heart and mine

there are things to
anticipate, dream-of,
and decipher, between our hearts;
there are unspoken languages,
contrived laws, and a collision,
of red hot feelings- crashing into each other,

like two planets merging-
worlds diverging, between
our aching hearts,


gravity flows, eternally
through the vents
of my heart,
into yours,

so both our hearts,
are calmed, void o’ fury,
and unintimidated by
the love jury,

and both our hearts,
are carried by,
the force of nature

we never show it,
though it is live;
there are performances,
on the stages, in the
between your heart and mine,
hence, we become so broadway that,
no thick line
can cross out, the way we feel;
turning through the Hollywood wheel,
we’ve got fame out our feet,
and take to the arts, for theraphy;
beneath a creavity canopy

there is a silenced,
longstanding, robust,
and an unblemished aura
circling and flappin’
through the rings and clouds,
in the ambience
between your heart and mine

there is a whole
other world, no man alive
could build, with his
bare hands or heavy tools;
constructed in, the urban setting,
between your heart and mine
I know I’ll be fine,
and you will be too

because each and every one,
of your heartbeats,
reassure and console me;
every second of your life, adds
another mintute to mine...
implying that, there is one ending
between your heart and mine,
therefore, we will perish, identically,
then together in the underworld, we will
continue to be

as only you could
see, what everyone
else was blind to;

my breaking points-
moral hypotheses; experiments,
to see what would happen,
should i witness you fade,
becoming so paranoid


for days,i swam through my horoscope,
as if there were chemicals,
on the page,
that could cease, whatever
the stars perceived as trauma,
or as if i could dive, straight into hope,
desperately trying to make time
become less fractious, and
praying, for emotional traffic, to flow
freely in the passages between
your heart and mine
as if the soul of the sign,
and the astrologer’s orotund prediction,
would make it less malice,
and more milignant

operative upon
our own train ride,
with nothing to hide,
in our hearts; goin’ round the track,
‘til we came back, with our
Heads, pregnant, heavily, with
ideas, and things to say
and it was then, the tunnel
was formed,
between your heart and mine
so that you could, walk-in
on my lies, and see them, before
they were even formed,
so that i could sleep, in the hazel
duvet ,of your eyes, covered by
your lashes, soft as feather

you knew how i ascended, and
descended, like
interrupted surprises or ecstasy,
when you were too scarce
for me, to dial your number,
and sit still, with your voice
caressing the inside of my ear-
you altered by the seams,
and we graduated from an era;

an age of unseen,
enchanting, and different
ways, or diverse shades,
of the same day,
making all the difference;
testing me, and tempting me,
to submit my body, and soul-
clinging to a celestial pole


strength differed now;
the cavity in which it bred,
had it purling- stirring,
all the miseries, under the bed,

power wanted to

mimic the head,

and slice through, what should
not have been said, while all the heart did,
was try, not to make, the eyes see-
that it was sadly,
bucking away, against a
few dislocated ribs,
in the lampshade
shaped chamber

because, it was too
afraid of the conscious,
bereft-of-thorough-thought, kind of mental state,
we adopted, when we were suffocated by fate;
casting out meaningless anger, and hate,
while meandering, shyly,
between your heart and mine

we depended upon,
abusing each other,
and once, i was still holding on,
and trapped
in your shadow, when you
turned to go;

abandoning me- leavin’ me
to hang there, raped by
rough, autumn air,
in the orgy of wind, smaking
me, from side to side,

‘til i erased that
thick line, separating,
your heart from mine

and decreased
the distance,
between your our hearts,
because there could be no

gaps or cracks,

between your heart and mine
                                                                   -Raeez Jacobs


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