Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Beyond me

You're so beautiful 

It's beyond me, 

You're so beautiful, it's beyond

Deep red apples, philosophies, 

and every periphery 

It's delicious; wholesome, in an appetizing way. It's harmonious. 

You're nowhere near perfect, 

You give handsome a face-

A way for the simple minded to know

What the definition means

You're so beautiful, you make it easy

Easier to be content with 

Your heartbeat and the things

Your mind tells you about yourself

And the people you love the most

Words fails me, i falter myself

I search for languages with enough

Expressions equitable to every point your beauty ascends

So you could know the fill

Of what the eye sees soon as it

Encounters you

If wisdom had a face, it would 

Look like yours

If love had questions to ask

Only your eyes would hold the answers

And if your face was a city full of lights

Surfing the darkness of the night

It would be New York City;

Timeless, first world, and indescribably beautiful

Too beautiful to ever be shy

You play on imaginations

And personify temptations 

With your eyes alone you move me

Like a shadow over the sea

Your beauty transcends me

It makes me feel scared to be

©Raeez Jacobs. 2014. Poetry

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