Sunday, May 12, 2013

Poem: When The Show Is Over

Showbiz baby, you look pallid and haunted
emaciated and caved in, it's your core they taunted
now you're Z-shaped and demented

but nothing like Zeus
except every much as aggravated
incinerated within and you feel repeated
like a drama unable to follow nor look after
a script your linguistic limitation prohibits you
from seeing through

- to understand enough to cut the scenes
   in which you make no sense or in which 
you just round up an eight-gazed fool

ashamed in the lights, amid the social irony
facing every length of your infinite perjury
and glued to the index page of a book from history

-black and white-
color and odorless

with just a little emboss above your shoulders
as you turn to address the crowd
maybe your God Mama is a little proud
a little being the operative word

you cannot function without that veneration
and it resonates from nowhere
it's not your name up in air
bouncing like an orgy all over the theater
besides, you don't even know where you are
once again, this just happened to you
and that's not even excusable anymore

but no matter,

your reasons for
are just as
sudden and incomprehensible

you rattle in the overhead lights that the icons
glide through like cheetahs on LSD
or Pumas on Ecstasy
and fade in the rap of encore-jeers
just assume some posture anyway, take a bow
baby, cheers 

©Raeez Jacobs. Poetry, 2013. 

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