Monday, November 5, 2012

[Poem] Toffee Skinned Goddess

Six-legged, nine arms
a goddess stuffed through
a dazzlig cincture
one-eyed in your shrine
choking on the brine
swirling like the twist
of a ballerina with sharp points
in the metro of your throat
jerking like a wind-smacked
postal pole with all your scarlet
letters turning upward like a UFO
and then raining down on you
like festive confetti
returned to sender
the repeat offender
calpable bender
with a little bit of she
in your masculinity
your skin is made of toffee
shining like vanilla floors when the
sun hits the windowpane
there ain’t no virgil going down
up your alley in your temple
but you feel the flame
feel the burn
as the torrent makes folds
and bangles of your loose
you can’t grow accustomed
to the feeling
and your ears deafen
as you eavesdrop on the
screeching conversation between
your bone and your pulled muscle
that tear each other to shreds
while you try catch the drops of
confetti but they slip through
your fingers and disappear in the
palm of your hand

 ©RaeezJacobs. Poetry. 2012

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